It Sounds as Though Faith in Avatar 2 is Waning

It Sounds as Though Faith in Avatar 2 is Waning
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That might not be accurate, really, but at this time, it has been noted that James Cameron was worried for a bit that the sequel to one of the most popular movies ever would have come too late after the initial movie since it’s been over a decade since Avatar hit the theaters. Twelve years isn’t the longest time to wait for a sequel, but it’s not as though Cameron appeared to have another movie up and ready to go on the heels of the first one. At this time, it’s easy to note that Avatar has been satirized and presented in many different ways throughout pop culture as it’s taken a place in the halls of entertainment where it deserves to be. But thinking that a sequel is going to work just as well feels like more of a hope and a prayer than reality since the stark truth is that there are very few sequels that have ever done just as well, or better, than the movie that spawned them. In this case, there are a lot of people that would stand to attention and state that this line of thinking is wrong, that Avatar is different, but the truth is that it’s another large-scale science fiction movie that is great but also has its faults. 

Avatar 2 finally has a trailer

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The old belief that sequels have an uphill climb is still valid. 

There’s no way to deny this, and it could be why there are some people that have been talking about whether or not this movie will be that effective since sequels don’t often do that much better than the movies that were responsible for their existence. The thing about it is that people can say whatever they want, and they usually do, but sequels have a lot more work to do in order to prove that they’re worth the effort of watching since many of them are taking off with the same idea that’s already been presented, and this, in turn, makes it difficult because people might come in hoping to see something different but familiar but might see something that’s not worth the effort or the money since it shows too much of the same storyline and effects. Thus far, it would appear that the second movie is being given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to such things, but until people get to see it, there’s no way to know if the second movie will show enough of a difference from the first movie to set itself apart. 

On the upside, examining things from a world perspective could leave a lot of story ideas open. 

It is easy enough to realize that the second movie will be taking place in a different location on Pandora, which could mean that a new perspective might be given that will wow the audience once again. This feels like it would be tough to do since the first movie gave such an impressive view of the world, but one has to recall that the view was that of a massive, living forest that featured a unique connection to its denizens. The first movie gave just a brief look at the other landscapes that existed across the world, so it’s easy to think that there might be a lot of new things to take note of, especially the world that exists beneath the waves since the title makes it clear that much of the movie might be spent in an aquatic environment. This realization alone would be enough to get a lot of people excited to see something entirely different. 

Avatar 2's CGI Is Ground-Breaking And You Had No Idea

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There might be a few moments that don’t make sense. 

There were a few moments that didn’t make a lot of sense to people in this first movie, so it’s fair to think that the second might do the same. The fact is that Pandora is an entirely alien world where things aren’t familiar and they don’t add up for a lot of people, but that’s what exposition is for sometimes. At the very least, it’s likely that there will be people wanting to know more about the story once they’ve seen the movie, and it’s likely that there will be a few explanations. 

The sequel could lean on elements from the first movie and therefore disappoint some folks. 

The fact that the humans are returning, no doubt with greater armament and a memory of what happened before, and that Jake will likely be struggling with one aspect of his personality or another are elements that might make some people roll their eyes if they are included. But the use of said elements will make the difference between whether or not the movie is enjoyable since a good writer and a good director can turn such things into elements of the movie that people will either enjoy or ignore, and it’s fair to think that this might be the attempt that’s about to be made. 

There’s still plenty of faith in this sequel, but the distance between the first movie and the sequel is enough to make some people wonder if it will be worth the wait. 

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