The Humans are Back in Avatar 2

The Humans are Back in Avatar 2

The Humans are Back in Avatar 2

More Avatar sequels are coming, so people had best get ready. As to the idea that they’re all standalone stories, well, that doesn’t really pan out with what’s been seen in the trailer thus far, since Jake and Neytiri are still around and they’re apparently trying to build their family and keep them safe at the same time. While Pandora is a dangerous enough place when it comes to the natural terrors and threats that are to be found in nearly every corner, humans proved to be the biggest threat since the fact is that they don’t manage to mesh with the natural world quite as much, as they prefer to knock over and take whatever it is they need. One can’t help but see the obvious parallel between this story and our own world since the truth is that conquering is something that many humans appear more than willing to do when trying to find whatever it is they need to survive. Strangely enough, asking is usually a better option since it opens up a compromise that’s not perfect for everyone, but works more often than not. 

But as it’s already been seen in the first movie, humans are greedy and uncaring creatures that don’t bother to work with anyone since their self-interest is too great in the face of other options. That’s the idea that’s been pushed with the first movie, but it would appear that humanity wasn’t quite done with Pandora in the first movie, and they’ve either had other locations on Pandora for longer than the audience was aware of, or they came back in great enough force to make it tough for the natives to not accept that they would keep coming. If there’s one thing about any sentient creature on any world that can be noted, it’s that the will to survive and thrive is strongest when they’re backed into a corner. With the humans back, it would appear that Jake and Neytiri are going to be forced to do what they can to keep their world and their people safe. 

It would appear that the Avatar program is still in effect as well, or several of the natives have decided to work with the humans rather than against them. Since the latter is tough to imagine but not impossible, it feels far likelier that the former would be the case since the material that humans found so valuable on Pandora was one of the reasons they were there. It’s not hard to think that humans would want to settle on the planet and make it easier to live in such an inhospitable place, especially since this is the goal of many sentient beings, to spread their influence and eventually take over one location after another. Or maybe it’s a human thing, though many would argue this point. The plight of Pandora is that its inhabitants have been living peacefully with the world, more or less, for many generations. It might not always be perfect, but it’s a harmony that humanity continues to argue about over the years as to whether it’s able to be obtained or not. The second movie and those that come after it are bound to show a world that is still mostly pristine and unmolested, but so long as the humans around it feel safe to think that the constant threat of their presence will remain a problem for the native residents. 

Thus far it would appear that the sequel is going to bring in a great number of famous faces to round out the cast, and the appearance of Quaritch has been the topic of a lot of debate since it was mentioned that he might return. He did end up with a couple of arrows the size of spears in his body in the last movie, so it’s kind of odd to think that he might come back. But then again, fiction does allow for a lot of ways to keep reality at bay, and a planet such as Pandora is no doubt going to offer up various ways to bring people back or at least keep their memories alive. The fact that Stephen Lang is on the cast list is enough to make some folks excited to see the irate and grizzled veteran once again. 

While we still have to wait until December to see this movie hit theaters, this is more than enough time for people to come up with one theory or another of how everything is going to go. The fact that Jake is now one of the people is a big factor that will still need to be discussed, as is the idea of him and Neytiri having children since it would appear that they have a human child as well, which bears discussion as well. 

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