Classic Mismatch: Dark Phoenix vs. Black Adam


credit: Marvel Comics

After watching the live-action version of Black Adam and having seen a live-action version of Dark Phoenix, it’s fair to say that a lot of people are bound to state that Black Adam should be able to wipe the floor with Jean Grey while hardly breaking a sweat. The sad part of this is that they’re under the impression that the 7 gods that Black Adam draws power from would carry him through this fight and top Jean without any issue. Of course, taking into account that Black Adam is so insanely powerful and can take on Superman, it’s not tough to see why. But unfortunately for Black Adam, Dark Phoenix isn’t Superman, and she won’t go toe to toe with him since the truth is that she can’t match his strength in terms of punching power. But what she can do is far greater than what Superman could accomplish since her attacks would bypass his physiology before he ever laid a finger on her, and more than that, she’d be able to sense him coming without needing to be near the ruler of Kahndaq, largely because he’s not exactly known for his subtle ways. 

credit: Marvel Comics

In a physical brawl, Black Adam would win hands down; there’s no contest. 

Standing toe to toe with Black Adam would be a serious mistake on the part of Jean Grey since, despite the use of the Phoenix Force, she’s still not a physically imposing individual. But as the Dark Phoenix, she doesn’t need to hit hard with her fists since the other powers she has at her disposal are more than enough to smack Black Adam back to his home country and likely through the bedrock if she really wants to. The power of Jean’s mind is the real threat here since routinely takes down people who are on Black Adam’s level, even if the fight is a tough one. Plus, thinking of all the threats she’s taken on throughout the years, it’s very easy to state that Dark Phoenix isn’t scared by much and is fully ready to remind anyone who needs to learn that she’s the avatar of one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe

Dark Phoenix has multiple ways to attack Black Adam, and unfortunately for him, they all come at the speed of thought. 

Thanks to the movie and the animated features, it’s fair to say that many people know that Black Adam is insanely quick and could, if Jean allowed it, beat her senseless without any trouble whatsoever. But is he faster than the speed of thought? The moment that Dark Phoenix caught on to what he was about to do, even the barest hint of thought would be enough to allow her to put that plan on its ear in a hurry. This character has taken on several beings that would put Black Adam in his place in a big hurry, and she’s done so with the same ease that Black Adam showed during the movie when taking on regular humans. In other words, Black Adam would only have to let the barest slip of a thought loose, and Dark Phoenix would be ready to show him what his violence meant to her. 

Credit: Black Adam

One of the only ways that Black Adam would stand a chance is if Jean Grey decided to let her morals get in the way. 

One thing that Jean Grey is not is a violent person, at least not in the same fashion that Black Adam is. She’d rather give people the benefit of the doubt and try to change their minds when it comes to fighting, which is something that probably wouldn’t work on Black Adam. But Dark Phoenix is a different matter entirely since this aspect of Jean is usually fully ready to slip into a fight, especially since she knows exactly what she can do, and the morals would be off for this fight. Thinking that Black Adam would want this after a few solid hits against his mind and even his body is kind of funny, to be fair. 

If Dark Phoenix wanted this fight over quickly, she has a few ways to make that happen. 

One thing that Dark Phoenix can do, among the many, doesn’t have anything to do with telepathy, and it’s something that Black Adam doesn’t appear to have a defense for since it’s easy to think that Jean could make this happen rather quickly. Matter manipulation falls very easily into Dark Phoenix’s power set, and she’s been shown in the movies reducing living beings to little more than dust. Black Adam could move as fast as he wanted, and as fast as he could, but if he couldn’t match the speed of thought, then he’d be a pile of dust that would drift on the wind the moment Dark Phoenix so much as wished it. 

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