The Avengers vs. The Justice League (Comic)

The Avengers vs. The Justice League (Comic)

The Avengers vs. The Justice League (Comic)

A lot of people have gone on to compare and contrast the Avengers and the Justice League since before the movies ever came out, but now it’s being taken to a different level. Dorkly seems to always know how to get to the most pertinent points and really draw your attention to what needs to be said. Lately it would seem that the MCU is really doing more than standing toe to toe with the DCEU, especially considering how well the movies are doing. A lot of them have serious plot issues that can only be explained by the comics and by movie magic that either fails horribly or adds to the story. But overall the movies are at this time being dominated by the MCU.

Why is that? Well, for one thing when it comes to copying ideas from one another Marvel has usually been accused of this more often than DC, but the ideas that they come up with tend to overlap as well. For example Steppenwolf is obtaining Mother boxes for his lord Darkseid, while Loki is obtaining the Tesseract for Thanos presumably, at least we think that’s the case at first.

Plus, Marvel tends to layer their plots a little more and provide some actual reasoning behind why the villains are acting the way they do. It’s not just a lot of stomping through the movie and hoping to get lucky while you’re taking on superheroes with an army of creatures that are easily taken out. Whether it’s meta-humans, mutants, big, green rage monsters, or mythological figures, the bad guys in these movies are either insanely overpowered or, like their minions, are easily taken out in groups by any one of the superheroes. I mean come on, Hawkeye and Black Widow were kicking the heck out of the Chitauri in The Avengers and they’re about as normal as anyone, except that they’re trained, elite killers.

Teamwork is another big one. This is a reason why the Justice League might find themselves really outmatched since the Avengers do know how to fight as a team and are capable of taking on their assigned roles as needed. The Justice League tends to rely very heavily on Superman and Wonder Woman, the two most powerful in their group. It’d be an interesting fight between the two groups but I get the feeling that neither one would really win. As for fighting one another, the Hulk is a giant monster propelled by rage in the first Avengers and hasn’t accepted them as his allies yet. Superman wasn’t dead that long and aside from having his brain scrambled a little bit seems to have remembered everything pretty quickly. The only thing he didn’t recall was that he and Batman were now on the same side.

Both stories are supposedly rich in detail as well, but really it seems like the director just threw Justice League together while the for the Avengers the characters were given some true development and allowed to contribute to the movie, not just be in it.

If you’re a Marvel fan or a DC fan the best thing to do is just watch the movies and make up your own mind as to how good or bad they really are.

Comic via Dorkly

The Avengers vs. The Justice League (Comic)


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