Everything You Need to Know about the Sokovia Accords

Everything You Need to Know about the Sokovia Accords

Everything You Need to Know about the Sokovia Accords

The Sokovia Accords were brought into effect not long after the disastrous happenings that occurred in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when an entire city was raised from the ground and had to be evacuated thanks to the efforts of a murderous AI, Ultron, that had been created by Tony Stark. Following that the explosion that occurred in Africa, claiming many lives, became another rallying cry to regulate any and all superhuman activity thanks to the damage it caused. Because of this the Avengers and even S.H.I.E.L.D. had to forfeit a great deal of their autonomy to the US government, becoming little more than registered weapons that would be used whenever the US deemed it necessary. You can imagine how that would be received by those that were in effect labeled as ‘weapons’ of the state that would have to be registered and used at the government’s discretion. The most surprising thing however is the change of heart that Tony Stark has had since the second Iron Man movie to this point. Anyone recall this scene?

And as of Captain America: Civil War, where his stance is now:

The Sokovia Accords are, quite honestly, a leash around the necks of the Avengers, or an attempt to collar them and turn them into valued assets that are just barely remembered as people. But there are a few other repercussions that can be seen that have a lot to do with the Accords.

The Accords destroyed the Avengers.

This one can’t be argued all that much since the Avengers did go to war with one another in the comics and in the movie, though the comics version was on a much grander scale since there were far more heroes involved. In the movie however, which is where we are in cinematic terms, the Avengers became divided in a way that’s happened a time or two before in the past, but has always managed to be absolved by putting their differences aside. With the Accords becoming little more than an open threat to those that decided to act outside of the new laws however the Avengers couldn’t hope to stick together when it came to acting on their instincts versus waiting for permission to take action. In a sense the Accords are there to regulate the damage done by the Avengers and any and all super-powered individuals, but they’re also there to turn those same individuals into assets, which is more than a little wrong. In essence, the Avengers would become employees of the United States. Obviously several of them didn’t like this idea and rebelled against it, as many would if they were told that just being a powerful individual that did what they believed was right was no longer allowable.

The Accords made it possible for Thanos to face a divided force.

Thanos is a certifiable nightmare for anyone to face, but as you saw in the movie, if you watched it, on Titan the band of heroes that faced him proved that he is in fact beatable if they work together. A divided Avengers might have been able to hold him off and an Avengers team that wasn’t limited to what they could do, meaning that no one had to stay in hiding, no one had to use coded messages or keep secrets, would be able to unite in a heartbeat and stage a battle that Thanos couldn’t possibly have won. Just keep in mind that Thor just about destroyed Thanos in a sudden burst of rage, and had the titan not already possessed the full might of the Infinity gauntlet Thor might have ended him right there. Keeping the Avengers divided and spread around the globe was not a wise idea, but actions made in fear usually aren’t.

The Accords seriously deny the ability of any superhero to do what they feel is right.

Thanks to the Accords even stopping a bank robbery with anything other than conventional means wouldn’t be possible for a superhero any longer since the first moment they used their powers and it was noticed they would be deemed a criminal for acting on their own as vigilantes. The argument is easy to make that this is really all a superhero is since they don’t operate within the scope of the law and they’re certainly not law enforcement. But they take on the jobs that officers can’t do and tend to get better results in the process. Of course heroes tend to do more damage sometimes depending on the enemy, but at the same time if they weren’t there the enemy would be able to spread their manner of chaos with impunity and the death tolls would climb even higher. The Accords basically make it impossible for any hero to take on the killer aliens, robots, and other super-powered individuals that feel the need to attack innocent civilians and show no concern for the safety of others.

That’s about what you need to know about the Sokovia Accords, they’re deeply flawed despite their good intentions because they’re written out of fear, not reason.

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