10 Things You Never Knew about Wolverine’s Claws

After so many movies and so much exposure in the comics it would be hard to accept the fact that anyone might not know at least a few things about one of Marvel’s most famous mutant heroes. Wolverine’s claws however are considered to be lethal, impressive, and one of the greatest weapons ever devised in the history of Marvel. But there are some things that people tend to forget about them since quite often you’ll see them as little more than sharp knives that spring from his hands, capable of cutting through just about anything they come into contact with. The fictional metal they’re made from, adamantium, is virtually indestructible and gives him the added bonus of never having to suffer a broken bone, but throughout his history it’s also caused Wolverine a bit of trouble as well.

Just in case you didn’t know, here’s a few things about Wolverine’s claws that aren’t always made clear.

10. They’re a part of his body, not just another weapon.

Wolverine’s claws are not detachable and they aren’t just a part of his uniform. The claws are a part of his skeletal structure and as such are as much a part of him as anything else. A lot of people just getting to know the hero might think that he has special gauntlets or something similar but these lethal weapons are actually INSIDE him.

9. His original claws are made of bone.

The adamantium that was bonded to his skeleton gave him a huge advantage since thanks to his healing factor he could repair pretty much any damage to his body so long as it wasn’t fatal. But with the metal attached to his bones he’s almost unstoppable unless a stronger and more vicious opponent manages to subdue him.

8. Each time his claws come out it hurts him.

Before you go thinking that Wolverine is immune to pain because of his healing factor keep in mind that he can feel everything that happens to him just like anyone. The difference is that his pain tolerance is astronomical compared to many other people. But each and every time his claws come out it does hurt him since their exit points heal over every time his claws are retracted, meaning they have to cut through skin in order to come back out. That might make anyone a little cranky.

7. His claws weren’t initially a part of him.

When he was first created his claws weren’t initially a part of his skeletal structure. Instead they were originally thought to be part of his costume, or to spring from his wrists, which would have made little anatomical sense. Over the years however as he developed into the character he is now the claws eventually became a part of his character.

6. They rarely need to be sharpened.

Occasionally in a video game or even in the movies you might see Wolverine ‘sharpening’ his claws against one another, but the edge of each claw holds fairly well. Plus, the whole sharpening act is very intimidating and can be used as a psychological ploy to weaken the will of an enemy.

5. He can control each individual claw.

It’s unwise to mess with Logan in the first place, but considering that he can pin you up against a wall or solid object with two claws and then slowly threaten you with the third should make a lot of people think that he’s a person that’s best left alone. He’s able to control each claw individually, though often he’ll just opt for exposing all three on each hand to get his point across.

4. He can regrow his claws.

This is another one of Logan’s wonderful abilities that has everything to do with his healing factor. Since his claws are a part of his genetic code and everything that makes a person who they are is under the guidance of their genes, Logan can regrow his claws if they’re ever snapped or broken off like Creed did in X-Men Origins. It’s got to be pretty painful though.

3. They’re almost unbreakable and can’t be removed.

While he’s had the adamantium stripped from his skeleton in the past by Magneto the one thing that can’t happen is that he can’t ever lose his claws. They can be broken and otherwise manipulated as Thanos did in Infinity War, but as a part of his body they can’t just be ripped out without his body regrowing them.

2. There’s not a lot that he can’t cut through.

There are a few things that can defy his claws, such as Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and a few other items, but almost everything else in the MCU is susceptible to his damaging touch. It’s rumored that his claws could even damage Superman, but he’d need to be able to generate a lot more force.

1. His claws have been redesigned over the years.

The appearance of Wolverine’s claws has changed over the years. In some versions they’ve been long and straight, in others they’ve been curved like actual claws, and in still others they’ve been thick in appearance and look more like metal bars filed down to a fine edge on one side. No matter what they look though Wolverine’s claws are decidedly deadly to anyone that happens to run afoul of him.

And that’s just a part of why Logan is so awesome.

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