Five X-Men Storylines We’d Like to See in the MCU

Five X-Men Storylines We’d Like to See in the MCU

Five X-Men Storylines We’d Like to See in the MCU

Quite a few people are ready to see the X-Men make their way to the MCU finally, and whether they do so alongside the Fantastic Four or not is kind of irrelevant at this point since people just want to SEE them finally. The casting is bound to be interesting, but one thing that needs to be said is that the team really needs to be allowed to explore other storylines that have little nothing to do with the Dark Phoenix Saga, or the Age of Apocalypse, since while it might be nice to see those ideas come to fruition once again, the need to see something different is a little greater, which is hopefully something that Disney will see. But barring that, it’s fair to say that a lot of fans are fully ready to see what the MCU will do with the team, and who will be taking on which part since that’s going to be a bit important as well. It doesn’t sound as though James McAvoy would have that big of a problem coming back, though there are many other parts to be filled.  Here are a few interesting storylines that the MCU should think about. 

5. Onslaught

Onslaught is the creation that resulted from the consciousness of Magneto and Charles Xavier, and it’s fair to say that he lived up to his name since he was a powerful entity that looked undeniably tough and could possibly take down nearly all comers in one way or another. This saga would involve a lot of other heroes apart from the X-Men, and it’s fair to state that it could be another culmination in the MCU that would allow for a huge crossover that would involve a lot of characters, not just heroes, but plenty of villains as well. This might be a little more ambitious, but it would definitely be worth it. 

4. The House of M

Imagine a world where mutants are no longer persecuted and are given the same privileges that they were denied in the normal Marvel universe that was brought to life so long ago, and you’ll have an idea of where this story would be going. It might not be the most popular since it might bring up a few issues with some folks, but it would be an interesting story all the same since mutants in the Marvel universe have been persecuted for years, meaning that with the help of Scarlet Witch and the absence of Charles Xavier, Magneto found himself in charge and mutants were the dominant species. That would be worth a look. 

3. X-Men: Eve of Destruction

The story of the Legacy virus that was killing mutants might need to come before this story, to be honest. But while it does show the ideological differences between Magneto and Charles as usual, the X-Men attempt to fight the master of magnetism and end up outwitting him. Since this storyline features Dazzler and mentions the Mojoverse it could go a long way to opening up yet another storyline that would be kind of fun to explore since the Mojoverse is another aspect of the X-Men story that could be highly entertaining and could appeal to a lot of fans since Mojo is another eccentric villain that might be worth showing. 

2. The Fall of the Mutants

This story would probably need to be altered just a bit to make the consequences that occur a little more lasting, but the fact that Storm loses her powers and has to rely on the guy that devised the machine that took them, Forge, is kind of interesting. Plus, the Adversary, a truly nasty villain that the X-Men have to fight, would be kind of an interesting presence to see in the MCU since it’s easy to think that something that can’t be killed would be a great enemy to face. But the storyline would definitely need to be changed up just to keep it interesting for this day and age, and it’s fair to say that the team might need to be updated as well. Forge would be a great addition. 

1. Inferno

This is a personal favorite since it was definitely another big culmination as it utilized a lot of different heroes while focusing intently on the New Mutants, Magik in particular, and had a lot of involvement from the X-Men since Madeline Pryor and Cyclops were involved with each other. But it’s a hope that Anya Taylor-Joy would come back for this movie if it ever did happen, assuming she was still young enough to take on the part. In any case, this was another movie that could become something important in the MCU if they would see that it carries a lot of promise. 

You never know, they might decide that the X-Men need a bigger presence. 

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