Five Lesser Known Comic Villains You Should Know About

Five Lesser Known Comic Villains You Should Know About

Five Lesser Known Comic Villains You Should Know About

DC has confirmed its most dangerous comic villains. In Infinite Frontier #4, DC Comics has revealed who have been the biggest threats to humanity and planets of all time. Director Bones can be found showing Agent Chase the range of heroes and villains who have had the most impact on Earth in recent years. He says that some of the biggest dangers and troubles of our planet have come from other worlds and distant skies. This does not include Darkseid because Bones seems to be uninterested in him. Who are the most dangerous and popular villains according to Bones? If Bones had to go by brute power, Doomsday could be one of them. However, Bones’ list includes the following characters.


This fictional villain has appeared in different comics books by DC Comics. He has been the main antagonist of the DC Comics miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earth. This miniseries was presented to the world in 1985. Afterward, this villain made an appearance opposite the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps. In 2009, Anti Monitor was ranked 49th best comic book villain by IGN. In The Monitor and Crisis on Infinite Earths, LaMonica Garrett has played this character. It’s safe to call him  DC’s most infamous villain. He is powerful enough to send out anti-matter waves to create restlessness everywhere. He is also capable of absorbing positive matter and can ruin the whole universe.

Mister Mxyzptlk

Mister Mxyzptlk is also called Mxy. This character has appeared in DC Comics’ Superman books. He can be found as a tricky character in a classical mythological sense. He possesses great powers that he uses to make lives difficult and to dominate others in one way or the other. The portrayal of this character has been different from one story to another. It is worth mentioning that he has been an outright villain in some media, while in others, he is presented as an antihero. Mister Mxyzptlk was originally created to appear in Supermn#30 in a story called The Mysterious Mr. Mxyztplk. This story has been created by Ira Yarborough and is written by Jerry Siegel.


Perpetua can be called a celestial being. She is the mom of Mar Novu. This character has been around since the time dawn was created. She is one of the members of the Hands. In case you don’t know, let me tell you that Perpetua is the one who broke the cycle of the Hands and created a whole new multiverse. She was locked for hundreds of years, but when she was set free, she gained her army and had gone on the mission of recreating a universe that could match her vision of the world. In addition to all these things, Perpetua had wielded crises energy when she fought against the Justice League. She has been shown as more powerful than the Anti Monitor and is capable of destroying all the universes at a time.


Kem-L built Touni, which was called Lord of Order. Kem-L had previously created the Eradicator. This character was lost in the Phantom Zone. He was then allowed to escape via the Fortress of Solitude. He soon started his own reign on the planet and began calling himself Dominus. He changed his name when he reached the earth. Maybe, you have now been able to recognize this character. He is, no doubt, one of the most dangerous comics’ villains of all time. He is dangerous because he possesses high power and magic that audiences have never seen before. He is also able to deceive reality with the help of his magical power. He can, in fact, deceive all living things. This proves to be a major threat to humanity and normal living.

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan is the one who watches time and space. This villain is powerful enough to change matters into things he wants. Basically, he is capable of changing anything into anything. Like Perpetua, he can easily and quickly destroy and create matter. In fact, he is one step ahead. He can even manipulate anyone as per his desires and expectations. Despite all this, calling Doctor Manhattan a pure evil or villain won’t be true. He has the sheer power that he uses to threaten anyone around him. He is a big threat to omniverse and is more dangerous than The Source.

Other characters that look dangerous are Mister Mind, Convergence Brainiac, Extant, Reverse-Flash, The Batman Who Laughs, and Monarch.Darkseid

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