Makkari vs. Flash: Who’s Faster?

Makkari vs. Flash: Who’s Faster?

Makkari vs. Flash: Who’s Faster?

In the comics, it’s been seen that Makkari is indeed faster than the Flash, and there are reasons for this that a lot of fans might not want to hear. But between the CW, DC, and the MCU, it’s hard to say what might happen since the power levels of many heroes have gone up and down since they were introduced into their respective movies and shows. Makkari is a new addition to the MCU and is even younger than the Flash in the comics, relatively speaking, since the Eternal is far older than any descendant that the Flash could claim. But when it comes to their overall speed, the comics have made it clear that the Flash is a few steps behind when it comes to Makkari, who is a bioengineered being that is flesh and blood but is still possessed of qualities that the Flash doesn’t have since, despite the fact that he’s a metahuman, he’s still a HUMAN, whereas Makkari is an Eternal. In a footrace, it’s fair to state that Flash might have an edge if he keeps tapping into a different level to increase his speed, but in an actual battle, it’s easy to believe that Makkari has the experience, the toughness, and the overall skill to turn the Flash’s skills against him, especially since there are times when each Flash has proven to be a little less than wise despite their intelligence. 

Step into any forum or read any article you can and most are going to say that the Flash will stomp Makkari, and that’s alright. The Flash doesn’t deal with the same level of threats as Makkari does, and the Flash in a toe to toe battle with Makkari would lose, like it or not. The fans would say otherwise since they’ll cite that whoever is taking on the mantle of the Flash is smart enough to think circles around Makkari and could easily find a way to beat her. That’s kind of funny since trying to negate experience is one of the most fanboy things to do. 

The Flash is, by all means, a skilled and very effective character since whoever has taken on the role of the scarlet speedster has usually been quite intelligent and has been able to figure things out in whatever way the writer needs them to. Much like the Flash, Makkari is at the whim of the writers and can be as tough or as weak as they need the character to be. Trying to determine a hypothetical fight between two fictional characters is kind of fun since it pits their many different abilities against one another, and in the process, it shows how devoted the fans are to their favorite heroes. There is a point when people build up their favorites a little too much and tend to fall back on the idea that their favorites can beat anyone else ‘just because’. In other words, in the world of the speedsters, the Flash has taken on a kind of Batman-like quality that allows the character to become tougher and better than he actually is simply because the fans want him to be this way. In reality, there are likely a lot of people who can beat the Flash, but the fans don’t want to admit as much. 

The fact that Makkari is an Eternal is enough to state that this would be a good fight since there are other heroes out there that aren’t known primarily for their speed that would find a challenge from the Flash kind of laughable, even if this character can rightfully put up a very good fight. Arguing over who would win, who’s fastest, and who would be able to come out on top is something that can be quite interesting when one sits down to think about the abilities that are being pitted against each other, but it becomes a little tiresome when thinking that the fans are going to argue over it like children who have engaged in a shoving match because they believe their thing is better than another kids thing. All the same, it’s necessary to say that Makkari is on a very different level than Barry, since being an earthbound individual he does have various weaknesses that even his speed doesn’t save him from. 

Makkari is an immortal that is insanely tough, has millennia of battle experience, and has fought against creatures that are just as dangerous or even more so than anything the Flash has faced. Again, comic book fans love these arguments since they’re all about stating the facts when it comes to how tough their favorite heroes are. But there are times when experience and lineage are a little more important. Even if Makkari isn’t quite as fast as the Flash, and that’s debatable, she would still be more than a match for him. 


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