Clea is Easily One of Marvel’s Strongest Heroes

credit: Marvel Comics

It’s never easy to replace a hero that has been around for decades, even if they are likely to be brought back at some point. Doctor Strange has been a mainstay of the Marvel Universe for a long time, and it’s been evident that he is one of the most dangerous opponents thanks to his mastery of the mystical arts he learned from the Ancient One. However, Clea, his ex-wife and someone who has received much of her knowledge from Strange, has been making waves for a while now and is proving that she has what it takes to be one of the fiercest individuals in the Marvel Universe – possibly even more so than Strange. This has nothing to do with any writer wanting to show a strong, independent woman outdoing a male character, but rather her heritage being far different than Strange’s. 

credit: MCU

 It’s our hope that we’ll get to see more of Clea in the MCU in the future

There‘s already been a cameo in the postcredits scene of Doctor Strange 2, which raises questions since Clea showed up and indicated she needs Strange‘s help to deal with an incursion. The multiverse appears to be in peril, so it‘s possible Clea will become significant to the MCU. Although it‘s a stretch, since Charlize Theron might not stay for long, stranger things have happened, and it‘s possible she could take on the role and stay for a while.

There is a debate as to who is more powerful: Clea or Doctor Strange

In terms of the mystical arts, many people might say it’s still strange that Dr. Strange taught Clea everything she knows when it comes to casting spells and harnessing various powers. However, being part Faltine grants Clea access to a great deal of power as her birthright, which could tip the scales in her favor. Moreover, her access to the Dark Dimension gives her access to one of the most potent powers in the Marvel Universe. Furthermore, while it is true that Clea and Strange were at odds in the past, they have been allies for so long that it’s fair to think that the MCU will continue this trend.

credit: Marvel Comics

The presentation of Clea in the MCU could potentially alter things significantly

If she is truly seen as the protagonist and is not given the same treatment Strange has had to endure in other dimensions, it could mean she becomes a fixture in the MCU – powerful, yet connected to both worlds, rather than just one. Her connection with the Dark Dimension could be a problem, but it could also make her a stronger character, as she has to battle the darker nature her relationship with Dormammu gives her. The fact that she is the powerful being’s niece and was stuck with him for so long could be a great reason for people to mistrust her, yet at the moment, Clea appears to be more interested in preserving Earth, rather than subjugating it as her uncle would have done.

If used primarily as a protagonist, Clea could change things up more than a little

There are ways to counter magic users in the MCU as already demonstrated, but it still needs to be acknowledged that Clea’s temperament might be vastly different from Doctor Strange’s since she hails from an alternate dimension and is likely to have extremely divergent ways of thinking that may not be compatible with the rest of the MCU. Ultimately, it remains to be seen how she will be utilized in the franchise and if she will remain part of it. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that Clea has made a name for herself in the comics as a formidable force that most should be wary of.

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