Could We See a Moon Knight/Spider-Man Team-up?

Could We See a Moon Knight/Spider-Man Team-up?

Could We See a Moon Knight/Spider-Man Team-up?

In terms of a team-up or a crossover, Spider-Man and Moon Knight would be a great pair to see in the MCU. How it might happen is anyone’s guess, but the differences between the two would be interesting to take a look at since there’s no doubt that they have a very different approach to crime-fighting and that Spider-Man tends to be far more compassionate when it comes to his enemies, while Moon Knight is out to punish and gain vengeance for the victims they’ve harmed. This would be an interesting development since what’s been seen of Moon Knight in the first season was that not only is Marc Spector’s mind fractured, but he’s fully capable of great violence thanks to two of the personalities that have been unveiled. Even Steven Grant managed to get in on the act in the finale. But Spider-Man has been well-known for not practicing violence that often when another solution can be found. In other words, Spider-Man and Moon Knight might not get along initially since their views on crime-fighting would be extremely different. 

How this might come about is a good question since one of the points of Moon Knight that many fans pointed out was that there was no mention of other heroes and villains in the Moon Knight series, at least none that were so out loud and obvious that one would have made the connection. Had a person not known that Moon Knight belonged to Marvel they might not have known what they were looking at to start with. But while some folks stated that this was a good idea, others think that it was an odd choice since including Moon Knight in the MCU is an idea that a lot of people might have enjoyed seeing. There is still hope as many would state that Moon Knight will manage to make his way into the MCU, but until the green light is given it’s just a rumor and a possibility, not much more. 

Thinking about how it could work is kind of interesting since a fight between Moon Knight and Spider-Man could prove to be something that fans might like to see since it sounds like something that could happen. Such a situation would be fun to watch, even though Spider-Man would come out on top quite often since he’s stronger, more agile, and has far more advantages to his character than Moon Knight possesses. But after a beatdown, and possibly after being marked by Moon Knight a few times, it does feel that the two of them might find a bit of common ground that they could work from. These two have interacted in the past in the comics, so this is one reason why it feels that it could happen in the MCU. The logistics of this meeting feel as though they would be tougher than anything, as the idea that Oscar Isaac might not want to come back has to be seen as a possibility. If he did come back it would be great since he’s already shown that he can lock the character(s) down and create a likable and even sympathetic individual that people have identified with. 

But trying to figure out the story that would bring them together, and if Khonshu would be present, feel like just a couple of questions that would need to be given a bit of attention, while other factors might need to be looked into to make this work. It does sound like it might be something that would be anticipated by the fans since it would be a reason to create yet another story that has amazing special effects that would wow the moviegoers in several ways. Between the special effects that go into the filming of both characters and their enemies and the story that would be needed, this pairing would be something that would prove to be a challenge, but if it came off in the manner it was supposed to, it would also be one of the most impressive movies in the MCU to date, especially considering that it would still be an earth-based tale with a supernatural lean. It’s hard not to get excited at the prospect of this, but whether it will ever happen is kind of hard to say. 

With the revelation that the MCU has been planned out for the next decade though, it’s fair to think that such a thing might have a good chance of happening, especially since bringing the various heroes together is a great and worthy goal. With the idea that Secret Wars is likely coming in a way that people aren’t about to anticipate, there’s every chance to think that things will begin building up again as they did in the Infinity Saga, and we’re here for it. 

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