Will We Ever See Eternity in the MCU?

As the embodiment of everything that is the Marvel universe, Eternity would almost be expected to show up in the MCU at one point, if only to make it clear that there was a force in the universe, who essentially IS the universe, and was aware of everything that happened within itself. But whether or not we’ll ever be able to see such a thing happen in the MCU is a big question since there’s no telling if the people in charge want to go that route, or if Eternity will be consigned to the comics for a while to come. There are a few reasons why Eternity might not be shown and it could be a great idea to leave the character alone, or it could be a missed opportunity. It does depend on how a person looks at it and how they might think that it might be something that might complicate matters a little too much. In the comics, it’s been seen to work more than once, but in live-action, it feels as though Eternity could be a huge MacGuffin that would turn off a lot of fans when it comes to the character. 

In essence, Eternity is a portal to all that is, meaning that there is a separate individual for what could have been or never was, and there’s even a being known as Infinity, and other beings such as Galactus and several other cosmic figures can step outside of the known universe if they so desire. Breaking it down in a way that a lot of people can understand, Eternity is the living embodiment of an entire reality. Another thing about this character is that his presence is usually only required when things have become so uniquely messed-up or serious, or both, that the fabric of reality is in danger of being ripped to pieces or a new despot is about to take over. Eternity was actually defeated in the comics by Thanos during the Infinity Gauntlet series. 

Bringing Eternity into the MCU doesn’t feel like it would be the worst idea, but it wouldn’t be as frequent as other characters since, as mentioned, his presence is only really noticed when things have gotten to a point where the heavyweights of the Marvel universe need to start thinking about doing something before the matter gets out of hand. Otherwise, Eternity is usually dormant and doesn’t concern himself with much of anything since whatever goes on within his boundaries is usually seen as something that might have needed to happen, meaning it was purposeful no matter how brutal it might get. But something that threatens the fabric of reality is a problem that Eternity often feels the need to step in to solve. During those times it still feels over the top since it’s implied that as the living embodiment of all that is, Eternity should be able to take care of the matter that’s taking place within his being. But’s kind of like saying that you can operate on yourself if you know where the problem is and what needs to be done. It might be possible, but it’s usually best to let others take care of it and help but just stay out of it.

That’s Eternity in the Marvel universe, as he is essentially the reality that so many others live in, but he’s not always capable of taking care of every problem that exists within his borders. This would make Eternity way overpowered, but the fact that he doesn’t appear unless something is seriously wrong would be a way to balance that out. In a sense, seeing him in an animated series would be nice since there are plenty of ways this can be done, and most of them can lead to interesting stories that would keep the fans happy and get them on board with another great character that would give a new sense of scope to the MCU. If this ever happens it would need to be understood that Eternity isn’t bound to be a combatant unless there’s no other choice, since as a fighter this entity is not a fighter. He could certainly get into with someone and swarm them with the vastness that exists within his being, but apart from that, he’s simply the personification of the universe and isn’t there to be a skilled fighter. 

The fact that Thanos took him out in the comics means he’s not even omnipotent as one might expect, but that’s kind of to be expected since there’s so much outside the known universe, and Eternity is just one of many universes in the Marvel brand. It’s a bit confusing to say such a thing since many people would rather think of just one main universe, but in the Marvel brand, there are a lot of different realities, dimensions, and universes to be explored. Hopefully, Eternity will be a consideration at one point. 

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