Yes, Laura Kinney is a Better Hero than Her Father

Yes, Laura Kinney is a Better Hero than Her Father

Yes, Laura Kinney is a Better Hero than Her Father

Keep in mind that Laura Kinney is a better HERO than her father, Logan, but this isn’t to say that she’s reached his same legendary status yet. As far as being a better character, she still has a ways to go, and as far as surpassing her father goes, it hasn’t happened quite yet. The feeling is that it would be a wiser decision to bring in Laura Kinney as the next Wolverine in the MCU and to be fair, that’s not a bad idea. For one, it would eliminate the continual need to decide who’s more fit to play the role, and it would put a lot of rumors to bed finally since who’s going to play the Canadian mutant has been a huge question for a while since Fox was taken over by Disney. It does stand to reason that there are a few ways that Laura is a better hero than her father, since, unlike Wolverine, her past isn’t nearly as troubled, even if she’s been through a great deal of the same torture, to a lesser degree. 

There are ways to prove why Laura is a better hero than her father, and believe it or not, it has everything to do with the way that Logan has been with Laura during their time together. The truth is that for a lot of his time in Marvel comics, Logan has been a loner, someone that’s not entirely comfortable with being part of a team, no matter that he’s belonged to a few of them. His time with Laura was tough since he’s the type of character that has way too many inner demons to simply let them go. This might make him a complex character, but it keeps a lot of people from getting to know him, and it left him emotionally unavailable to Laura quite often. But somehow, against all odds, Laura became more of a team player than her father ever was, as she’s been able to work with other people regularly throughout much of her run in the comics. 

On top of that, Laura is a better fighter than her father, mostly because she has to be. It is more than a little regrettable that Logan’s prowess hasn’t been seen that often in the comics since it’s been well-documented that he knows very well how to fight and could easily take on several fighters in the Marvel universe. But the benefit of his healing factor and an adamantium-laced skeleton has carried him through many fights over the years, leaving a lot of people to feel that he’s simply indestructible and doesn’t need to be more than a brawler. But the truth is that he’s fully capable of engaging in a fight with several highly-skilled opponents, but Laura is a bit better because despite having a healing factor that works a little more efficiently than her father’s, the amount of adamantium in her body is minimal compared to Logan’s. So being a better fighter is actually beneficial since whatever damage she might take would e negated by her healing factor. But getting past her claws and finding a way to penetrate her defenses would be kind of tough. 

Added to this is the fact that she’s far less likely to go berserk than her father, which is advantageous since being a berserker has landed Logan in a lot of scraps over his time, and his ability to lose his cool hasn’t done him a lot of good over the years. Laura knows how to calm herself down and remain a rational, level-headed individual when the moment hits her, which means that she’s not s apt to get into trouble and can find an easier way out of a problem than her father ever could. Stating that Laura is a better hero than her father is a lot different than stating that she’s better at being Wolverine than Logan ever was since the fact is that in his prime, Logan could have likely still taken Laura down since like it or not, he’s stronger, more durable, and has a wealth of experience that she doesn’t possess. Now that she’s been in the Marvel universe for a while though, it’s easy to think that she’s becoming the best candidate to play Wolverine in the MCU.

Not only does she represent the future of the name, but with the multiverse opening up she’s a better candidate to depend on as well since seeing Hugh Jackman come back would be kind of awkward after he’s already stated that he’s done with the character and wouldn’t come back. Plus, keeping with the idea that the MCU is changing and that things are moving forward, Laura would be a natural choice, since selecting a young woman that would like to be locked into a role for a few years to come would be great. 

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