10 Things You Didn’t Know about Flash Villain Godspeed

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Flash Villain Godspeed

Godspeed is one of the most recent supervillains introduced for the Flash’s roster. In recent times, he has managed to catch the Arrowverse fandom’s interest because there is strong evidence to suggest that the character will be showing up on The Flash in one way or another. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Godspeed:

1. Is a Speedster

Given his name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Godspeed is a speedster. To be exact, he was one of a number of people who were empowered by a Speed Force storm, meaning that he possesses a very similar power set to the Flash.

2. His Real Name Is August Heart

Of course, Godspeed isn’t the character’s real name. Instead, that would be August Heart. In short, Heart was Barry Allen’s colleague at the Central City Police Department, with whom he had formed a friendship.

3. Shaped By the Murder of His Brother

One of the reasons that August and Barry managed to get along so well with one another was their sense of sympathy for the tragic events that had happened in the other person’s past. In August’s case, his brother had been killed by a career criminal. Even worse, the killer wasn’t convicted in a court of law because the relevant evidence had been lost when Barry’s lab was struck by lightning.

4. Knows that Barry Is the Flash

When August became empowered by the Speed Force storm, Barry made a fateful choice to reveal that he was the Flash to him. On top of this, Barry provided August with various forms of support, which were meant to help him make a better adjustment to being a super-powered individual.

5. Superhero Turned Supervillain

Initially, August seemed as though he was going to become a superhero. After all, he was using his superpowers to help Barry capture other people who had been empowered by the same Speed Force storm but had chosen to use those superpowers for criminal purposes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before August started using his superpowers for much more malicious ends as well.

6. Killer

In short, August started killing the other people who had been empowered by the Speed Force storm for the purpose of stealing their superpowers for the purpose of strengthening his own. His initial victims were those who had started using their superpowers for criminal purposes, but soon enough, he had moved on to those who had committed no crimes whatsoever.

7. Discovered When He Killed His Brother’s Killer

August made an effort to conceal his crimes. As a result, it wasn’t until he had killed his brother’s killer that Barry managed to figure out that he was the one responsible for killing the speedsters. When confronted, August revealed that he had become disillusioned by the justice system, with the result that he had decided to take on the roles of judge, jury, and executioner for himself.

8. Can Create Physical Duplicates

As stated, August possesses a very similar powerset to the Flash. However, it is interesting to note that he could create physical duplicates of himself by splitting off a portion of the Speed Force contained within him. This is very useful, but at the same time, this makes him vulnerable because he can’t maintain the resulting clone for long before it will destabilize with painful consequences for him.

9. Dark Reflection

It isn’t uncommon for superheroes to have supervillains who serve as dark reflections in the mirror. Godspeed is an excellent example, seeing as how he is a speedster motivated by tragic occurrences in his past. However, Barry was able to rise above his tragedies, whereas August was not, thus resulting in his crimes as Godspeed.

10. Can Time Travel

Recently, Godspeed has shown the ability to travel through time, which is perhaps unsurprising when other speedsters have shown similar capabilities. As such, it is no wonder that some people think that Godspeed will be serving as an antagonist for Nora West-Allen, who would be the daughter of Iris West and Barry Allen on The Flash. Something that is particularly true because an actor in a costume that looks like Godspeed’s costume was spotted on the set for the Central City of the near future.

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