10 Things You Didn’t Know about Talia Al Ghul

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Talia Al Ghul

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Talia Al Ghul

When talking about fictional characters it’s easy to say ‘so what?’ as many people don’t seem to think that such characters are worth much of a mention outside of their respective films and shows. But those that are into such shows and really enjoy them might think differently since they truly do want to know what’s going on with their favorite characters. Talia Al Ghul, one of Batman’s most notorious and yet sometimes unknown enemies, is an individual that is both dangerous and intimate with Batman since she’s known him on a level that many enemies will never get to know. Yes, it’s because she’s a woman and yes, it went that far. Batman is human after all and not made of stone so it’s easy to see how he would get suckered in to a relationship, of sorts, if he let his guard down just enough. The only problem with this is that Batman seems to draw out the psycho in just about anyone and as a result he doesn’t always have the best luck with women.

Here are a few things about Talia that you might not have known.

10. She has no superpowers.

Much like her lover/nemesis, Talia is just a supremely-trained individual that can do things that make the average person look agonizingly slow and untalented. Having a father like Ras Al Ghul though you can only imagine that in order to measure up to his standards she would have to be inordinately tough and more than a little skilled. That she can go toe to toe with Batman is more than enough to state that she’s just that awesome and doesn’t need powers.

9. She has a sister.

Her sister Nyssa is something of a mystery since she’s not really seen in the same light throughout the different mediums that she’s been seen in. It all depends on how the story features her and just what place she’s been given in Talia’s life as to what she’s going to be like and how she’s going to interact with others.

8. She and Batman had a child.

Damian Wayne was at first going to be the product of a rape that was instigated by Talia against Batman. Yeah, it’s dark and not all that feasible, which was what led fans to rally around the idea of getting it changed. So it was consensual sex that produced Damian and Batman wasn’t held against his will. That part alone seems to have been a sticking point for a lot of fans because, well, he’s Batman.

7. She had a hand in creating the Red Hood.

Jason Todd isn’t the only character that’s ever been brought back due to lazy writing and the fans’ inability to let go of certain characters, but he’s one of the few that can claim that he was brought back with a distinct purpose in mind. Talia revived his essence through the use of the Lazarus Pits and sent him back to Gotham as the Red Hood, a vigilante that was in direct opposition to Batman.

6. She was instrumental in taking down Lexcorp.

It’s kind of strange how she decides to switch her moods now and again but she was very useful in taking over Lexcorp when Luthor became president of the United States. Of course she was working with Superman and eventually liquidated the corporation so that it could be bought out by Wayne Enterprises.

5. Her ethnicity and origin are not entirely known.

Talia does have a set origin ethnicity but it hasn’t been used extensively outside of one or two appearances. She doesn’t exactly come off as the same ethnicity between TV and the movies so it’s really hard to tell what the writers want to do with her.

4. She’s made several appearances throughout DC’s animated films and video games.

There’s been no shortage of appearances for Talia throughout Batman’s history but it’s still apparent that she hasn’t been one of his biggest adversaries since people like Bane, the Joker, and several others are still more well known than she’s ever been. But her popularity has been growing.

3. Lexa Doig has taken over the role of Talia in Arrow.

The same woman that played in Jason X as the main protagonist has taken over the role of Talia and just by the look of her seems as though she might be more convincing than other representations have been.

2. Her alliances can change quickly.

For someone that was a part of the League of Shadows Talia tends to change her mind and ideals quite often it would seem. She could be seeking the destruction of an enemy one moment and trying to help them the next. It’s all a matter of what best serves her purpose at the moment.

1. She had a different purpose in mind for her son Damian.

He was initially meant to be a diversion for Batman as he was trained to be lethal and was extremely willful. But eventually Damian bonded with his father and the plan kind of backfired.

Out of all his enemies, Talia Al Ghul seems to be one of those that has the inside track on what it takes to really rattle Batman.

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