5 Marvel Heroes That Could Defeat Darkseid

5 Marvel Heroes That Could Defeat Darkseid

The Power of Darkseid

credit: DC Comics

I can already hear the DC fans standing up to support one of their favorite and most powerful villains, and there might even be a few Marvel fans out there as well who would defend Darkseid when it comes to explaining why he might run roughshod over a lot of the heroes that could stand in his way for even a handful of seconds. But when placing every ability that the lord of Apokolips has on paper and comparing it to the abilities of many heroes, there are many ways to circumvent Darkseid’s power that are kind of interesting since they indicate that his arrogance and his ignorance of others and what they can do might be a key to his downfall. The dreaded villain of the DC universe, a new god no less, often thinks that just about anyone and everyone are beneath him, but while it’s tempting to add in Squirrel Girl and Rogue, one is just ridiculous, and the other would need to be able to get in close to rock the stone-faced villain, which is possible, but still lies further down on the scale given that Darkseid doesn’t often stay still unless he’s certain that his opponents cannot harm him. 

Here are five Marvel heroes that can defeat Darkseid. 

5. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Movie, 2022) | Director, Cast,  Release Date | Marvel

credit: MCU

A lot of people might scoff due to the idea that magic is thought to equal or cause an imbalance of power among combatants. But the truth is that Doctor Strange has taken on enemies that might actually make Darkseid think twice about not taking them seriously. Among his many different magical abilities are a number of tricks and major spells that would give the dreaded lord of Apokolips pause since Strange has managed to take on some of the worst and most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. On top of that, his upper limits, when reached, can still be pushed depending on how willing he has to stretch the limits of his magic. Of course, his peers might decide that this makes him too dangerous, even if he ends up saving them all. 

4. Sentry

Sentry's Futuristic Redesign Turned Marvel's Superman into a Joke

credit: Marvel Comics

A guy that can go fist to fist with the Hulk and take on some of the worst enemies in the galaxy isn’t someone that should be taken lightly since if he can one-shot a character that’s able to destroy a world, it’s fair to think that he could Darkseid a bit of trouble. This might not be the easiest fight in the world for Sentry, but if he were allowed to go full tilt and unleash his potential, one can’t help but think that Darkseid wouldn’t be laughing too long and might be seeking a way to shut Sentry down before he was blasted into tiny bits. Added to that is the fact that the Void, Sentry’s alter ego, wouldn’t be so keen on holding back if it found release. 

3. Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer Just Flew Into the Fantastic Four's Darkest Future

credit: Marvel Comics

The Silver Surfer often gets looked at as little more than a herald of Galactus and someone that could unleash his full power but probably won’t since he’s almost like a cosmic paladin given that he doesn’t enjoy causing harm to others. One can’t really blame him since, for so long, he was the herald of a planet-devouring individual that consumed entire worlds and left them as dried-out, crumbling husks. But thinking of the type of power that he holds within his body makes it easy to think that if he did really cut loose that he could knock Darskseid down a peg or two. It would be an interesting fight to be sure. 

2. Franklin Richards

Talking Frankly: the mutant metaphor and Franklin Richards • AIPT

credit: Marvel Comics

This is a guy who, as a kid, made a pocket universe, meaning that he has power on a scale that’s absolutely terrifying when one thinks about the responsibility this places in his hands. To think that Darkseid might shrug him off as a regular human is enough to make a person laugh since the power that Franklin possesses could possibly unmake just as easily as he creates one thing or another. Thinking that he might be forced to simply unmake Darkseid at some point is an interesting thought since if his powers could work in such a manner, it’s fair to think that he could incapacitate Darkseid before destroying him, which might sound vicious and even dark, but could also be deemed necessary. 

1. Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder' Casting Call Teases New Teenage Character -  MCUExchange

credit: MCU

Despite the fact that the MCU turned Thor into a bit of a dumb brute that knows how to fight, the Norse god of thunder and lightning is still an adaptable character that has grown throughout his time in the franchise, even if his intelligence hasn’t been allowed to expand. But taking the intelligence of the comic character and the power that he can call upon and wield so effortlessly, it’s fair to say that Darkseid doesn’t have as much of a chance as a lot of people appear to think. Darkseid is a new god, right? That’s okay. Thor is an old god with a lot of life and battle experience and a line of power that he can tap into and use as he needs it. 

Darkseid isn’t unstoppable; that’s been proven in his own universe. 

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