Ryan Hurst as Sentry? That Could Work

Ryan Hurst as Sentry? That Could Work

Ryan Hurst as Sentry? That Could Work

The MCU is doing what it can to bring in the most talented and fan-friendly faces these days and there are plenty of famous names and faces out there that are ready and willing to see themselves on screen in hero or villain role. As someone that’s been seen as a hero and a villain in the past, Ryan Hurst is one of the many that could take on the role of a character in the MCU without too much difficulty. His acting ability is there, fans want to see him, and his desire to step into the MCU arena should hopefully be enough to see him take on the role of the Sentry. Some have already stated that it might not be possible to see this character in the MCU, and some have stated that they’d love to see it, but the truth is that the Sentry could probably be a stepping stone, or even a link, that can allow the MCU reach its upper potential. It’s already been seen over-powered characters are becoming more desired when it comes to the upper end of the power spectrum, and Sentry would fit into that category nicely. 

As for the casting of Ryan Hurst, the actor’s interest in this character is interesting since there’s a large number of characters that Hurst could realistically play. Personally, I could see him taking on the part of Sabretooth opposite whoever will be selected to play Wolverine. That would be a fun movie to watch, but at the same time seeing him as Sentry is something that could work since there are quite a few individuals that could play this character, but learning that someone like Hurst actually wants to play him speaks well for his chances if such a thing ever does happen. Sentry is a relatively new character since he wasn’t brought in until 2000, whereas most MCU characters were brought in decades ago. 

The fact is that Hurst has been a great actor in just about everything he’s done and has shown that he has the capability of being someone that might fit the character of Sentry. This particular hero has a few psychological issues that Hurst would be able to act out quite well and has been nearly crippled by his own self-doubt in the past. Plus, Robert Reynolds, the man who became Sentry, was a meth addict that broke into a laboratory and consumed a super-soldier serum that had been seriously tweaked, giving him the power that has left him to be dubbed ‘Marvel’s Superman’. A few characters have earned that title in the Marvel universe, but Sentry is one of those that deserve it most since he’s insanely powerful, though he does have his weaknesses. Unfortunately for most people, most of his weaknesses deal with his psychological health, and even if someone triggers them, the Void, the other half of Sentry’s being, might appear and start running amok. Looking at this character it does feel that Hurst would be a good fit since as Opie from Sons of Anarchy he played a tortured individual quite well. Also, considering that Robert Reynolds is a zealous individual that is almost always ready to do good when he’s not doubting himself, Hurst is also capable of being an upstanding individual. 

This role would be great for Hurst since it would force him to employ his range in a big way since Sentry went from being a vaguely detestable character to someone that could rip a being in half and go toe to toe with heroes such as the Hulk. One can’t help but admit that it would be fun to see such a thing happen, though the origin of the character might be something that Disney might want to change since bringing in someone that’s a meth addict might not be something they want to show. Obviously, murder and mayhem are understandable, but anything else that might be problematic would no doubt be taken out. But above all, the idea that Sentry might even take his place in the MCU is something that’s still uncertain as it’s been mentioned that it might not happen. But if this has any hope of being made a reality there are a lot of fans that would be happy to see this character soar onto the screen. 

Another great thing about Sentry is that at this point there are ways to retcon the MCU in a manner that would make it possible for many to know about him since there are plenty of information gaps that still exist, and could fit him in. Also, given the fact that the Fantastic Four has yet to appear, Sentry could fit nicely into the MCU after their arrival. Hopefully, this comes together, as it would be a great way to spice things up. 

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