A Vacation Friends 2 is Happening With John Cena Returning

Have you ever met anyone while on vacation that you managed to get along with just fine, but soon realized they were a little crazy? Vacation Friends is an amped-up version of this that a lot of people have differing opinions about since like it or not, the subject of race does come up in several articles when talking about this movie. The likelihood of two people of color having a good time with a couple of white, random strangers apparently doesn’t sit well with some folks, even if the comedy of the movie is acceptable enough since the over-the-top antics of the characters as hilarious. But hey, everyone has their own perspective and their own point of view when it comes to what’s funny and what’s not. But in the end, as expected, everything worked out and things were returned to a state of normalcy, more or less, as the credits began to roll. Some might say that this is one of John Cena’s craziest performances since what went on in the movie was kind of nuts, but others are all for criticizing the hell out of the movie for various elements that some would rather stay away from.

The news that a sequel is on the way though is thought-provoking since one has to imagine that the sequel will need to top the original movie in order to get any attention, which means it might have to get even crazier. Plus, it also feels as though more cast members will need to be added in order to make the sequel meet the same energy as the first movie. So far it sounds as though the title is the only thing that’s really known about the second movie since Honeymoon Friends is a decent way to follow up the events of the first movie. But again, one has to think that the sequel will have to be entirely out of control to keep pace with the first movie in order to keep people interested.

Seeing what happened in the first movie though it does make a lot of people question what the honeymoon is going to be like and how much further Ron and Kyla can push Marcus and Emily before things get really heated. It’s very easy to think that the sequel is going to be just as out of control as the first movie, but the downside is that sequels tend to be a little less entertaining than the original simply because they’re forced to build off of the original and in doing so they have to go a step further, or even several steps further, when making new material that won’t rely heavily on the first movie. In other words, the expectations laid on a sequel are usually too great, and as a result, the sequel turns out to be less than what was expected. Plus, the continued interest of the audience is something else that a sequel has to deal with, and with the fickle nature of fans, one can imagine why many sequels never turn out to be as good as people hope they’ll be. There’s always a chance that a sequel will turn out to be something great though, especially if it continues the core idea of the story without trying to lean too heavily on the first movie or go in a direction that would defeat the purpose of the main story.

It’s interesting to think that if the first movie was so well-received with all its craziness and insane ideas, then the sequel might be anticipated in a positive way since it might mean there’s a promise of more hilarious and outrageous scenes to come. The thought is there at least since there’s a good chance that it could happen and that this could be a worthy sequel that might shut any critics and fans up that are thinking that it might not be a good idea. Plus, those that are criticizing the movie due to the skin color of the actors and the supposedly unreal chance that such a thing could happen between people of different colors and backgrounds might need to yank the stick from their backsides and lighten up. It’s a movie for crying out loud, not a commentary on how things are today.

Plus, just a note, there are plenty of white and black people that get along just fine throughout the world, so making statements that allude to ‘this can’t really happen’ isn’t just dangerously naive, it’s irresponsible and continues the unwanted division between people that many mistakenly think is necessary. In any case though, the second movie might be hilarious, and it might be a dud, but we won’t know until it’s released. The hope is that it will be just as funny, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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