Five Movies That Legitimately Need Sequels

The Thing

So many people have argued for sequels for so many movies that it’s difficult to say which ones really deserve it since some of them obviously should be continued given that their stories can go in so many directions, while others might just get worse as time goes on. What it really depends on is the type of writing that goes into the story and the effort that is made to make it come to life yet again in a manner that fans of the original movies might actually enjoy. The sequels that we’ve been given over the years are kind of hard to get behind at times since some of them have been great, some have been good, and some have been so godawful that people have to sit and wonder why in the world they were made in the first place and what the directors were thinking. In some cases, though a story has been left in a manner that kind of begs for a sequel since people want to see what happened and if the possibility of things getting worse or better might have been realized. In this instance, one can’t help but agree that a sequel might be needed, if only to flesh out the story a little more.

Here are just a few movies that could really use a sequel.

5. Jumper

When I say that this movie could have been better it means that it wasn’t entirely horrible, but it could have used a lot more character development and a lot more world-building than we were initially given. Does anyone really know that much about the Paladins or Jumpers at this point other than what’s been jotted down concerning the movie? There must be a reason why the two can’t work together and why they’re at such odds with each other since the decision to hunt Jumpers just because they have a certain power set feels really incomplete. But given that a Paladin gave birth to a Jumper as the story goes, it does feel as though more should be said about it.

4. Dredd

The main villain of this movie feels like a minnow when thinking about how many other complexes there were, and how bad each one of them could get if one villain decided to become ambitious by linking them all together somehow. Dredd would need an army of Judges just like him in order to make a concentrated effort against the criminal’s work. But it does feel as though this movie could possibly use a sequel to broaden Dredd’s world a bit more, and Karl Urban could still come back since he wasn’t too bad in the movie and could actually bring a bit of experience to a new cast if given the chance.

3. Wanted

So, was the Fraternity the only assassin organization out there? That feels kind of shortsighted for a group of assassins that could be operating all around the world, and it also feels a little too small since Cross and his people couldn’t have possibly been operating on their own without some assistance. This would be a tricky sequel to make, but it does feel possible since it could lead down a very interesting pathway that might reveal even more secrets that Wesley doesn’t know yet. Plus, given the fact that he’s a seasoned and experienced killer by the end of the movie, it’s easy to think that he would be able to meet a challenge if it were presented to him.

2. District 9

People have actually been calling for a sequel to this movie for a while now and there was a rumor that it might have been on the way, but if there’s anything happening with it right now it’s news to me since the last anyone heard of it the sequel isn’t happening. It’s not that it shouldn’t happen, but like many movies, it really needs to be given the kind of consideration that is needed when trying to tell if something needs to happen or if it just needs to be put aside. Some sequels tend to ruin the feeling for a lot of fans, and while it’s possible that this could work, it’s also possible that it wouldn’t be as good as the first movie.

1. The Thing

We did get a prequel, which was less than adored by the fans, but it wasn’t so completely terrible that the story didn’t get explained in a few ways. But a sequel that shows whether MacReady and Childs survived or not would be great, and it would be interesting to think that the creature survived somehow, or that it went dormant in a way that allowed it to survive. It would be a narrow path that had to be tread for this sequel, but it could happen.

Sometimes it’s about pushing the story forward, and sometimes it’s about explaining the story that’s there.

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