Five Characters Tom Hanks Could Portray in the MCU

Five Characters Tom Hanks Could Portray in the MCU

It’s hard to show what a person can do in a franchise if they’re not invited, and for one reason or another, Tom Hanks has never been invited to star in any of the MCU movies as of now. It’s a hope that this will change eventually since it would be great to see Hanks take on a role that’s something more important than a secretary of defense or something equally mundane. This does appear to be what Hanks thinks that he might be brought in as, but if the MCU would break that trend and find him something that could really surprise the hell out of people and make use of his versatile acting style, it might be a nice effect that could be used to show that the rules of the MCU aren’t always set in stone and that a character could be taken on by someone that could use their talent and experience to make it work in another way that people haven’t seen yet. 

Here are a few roles that Hanks might be able to do something with in the MCU. 

5. Mephisto

It sounds like a strange idea to see Hanks as the lord of flies and darkness in the MCU, doesn’t it? But people have been clamoring to see this character, and Hanks is smooth enough and could bring a different level of deviousness to this figure that might be intriguing. It is one of the more awkward roles to fill and might need someone that can be truly diabolical since Hanks is usually the type of character that people can relate to, even if he is the antagonist, which is rare. But it still feels easy to think that he could pull this off and that it would be easy to accept him as the devil of the Marvel universe. 

4. The Stranger

This character is a cosmic being that a lot of people don’t know that much about, but could be a fun addition to the MCU in one movie or another. Plus, he’s so unknown to so many fans that he could end up being something like the Grandmaster, who was played by Jeff Goldblum, in that he’s a different type of character in the cinematic universe than he is in the comics since back in the day the costumes were a bit crazy and the fact is that the Stranger didn’t show up that often. But Hanks could probably get people to care about the Stranger if he played him off just right, assuming that he did his research on the character. 

3. Galactus

What’s fun to think about in this manner is that Galactus doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge, muscled individual since it’s going to be implied that he’s a humongous and extremely powerful being anyway. However he’s going to be presented, it’s fair to think that Hanks could step into this role and become the ominous, world-devouring individual that has been known to destroy entire planets in the quest to feed his hunger. But whenever Galactus comes in it’s a big hope that we’ll see the Silver Surfer as well, since the two did appear together for a while given that the Surfer was the herald of Galactus. 

2. Mr. Sinister

In the comics, Mr. Sinister is usually a heavily-muscled individual that is definitely imposing and wears a very strange costume. But in later comics, his look was toned down quite a bit, and he did become a puppet of Apocalypse. But in the movies, it’s easy to think that he could be a very down-to-earth type of villain that might be easily represented by someone that knows how to create the type of act that could help him to appear threatening. Or, it could be a very different look at the character, one that might keep the deadly nature that Mr. Sinister possesses, but still makes him appear less threatening. The character is a master of secrets and deception after all. 

1. The One Above All

It’s hard to say if this character is ever going to make an appearance in the MCU, since not only is this the actual God of the cinematic universe and the comics, but it’s fair to think that it would be a little too OP to bring this being into play. Things might have to be well and truly out of control with every corner of the multiverse before this character would step in. But, if that time did come, then Hanks might be able to step in and help to create the character in a way that would be kind of amusing as well as impressive if he was given the green light to make it happen.  It would be great to see Hanks in the MCU, so hopefully the invitation gets extended at some point. 


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