5 Horror Movies with Dark Endings

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It’s not exactly expected that a horror movie would have a happy ending since many movies that deal with the loss brought on by a supernatural force or monster of extraterrestrial origin aren’t about to make everything right at the end, even if there are plenty of movies that show how a movie can end on a high note. Dark, sinister endings tend to fit a little better when it comes to a horror movie, especially since the nature of said movies becomes quite hopeless at times, and as many people around the world would already attest to, it’s tough to see the positives of losing so many within the movie when at the end one has to remember that they’re gone. Then there are the movies in which hopelessness is so strong that it overwhelms just about everything before the final hammer drops. These types of movies tend to leave people wondering if there’s going to be some last-ditch rescue or if things are going to turn around at the last moment, only to realize too late that, yes, this story is going to get dark, and it’s going to end dark. 

Here are five horror movies with the darkest endings. 

5. The Mist

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The initial ending in the short story written by Stephen King was fairly dark since it left the survivors stranded in the jeep they escaped in, with only a faint hint of something that might have been a radio signal to end things off. In the movie, though, all but one of the survivors end up dying by gunshot as the unspoken word to kill each other culminates in the deaths of all but the father as he steps out of the jeep, waiting to be torn apart at any moment. Instead, he’s treated to the sight of the army rolling by as they dispose of the creatures that were released, along with several survivors, including a woman that was thought long dead. 

4. Sinister

Sinister Ending: What Happened To Ashley & Ellison

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Any movie that involves children is bound to get dark rather quickly since the innocence that’s stolen from the kids involved is tragic and definitely evil in its own way. But Sinister takes things to a new level since the demon that gathers the children into his flock actually makes the kids kill their families. The diabolical nature of this movie is insane since there are so many clues leading into the ending that one can’t help but wonder if there’s any way to actually defeat or destroy it. One can’t help but think that if someone is ambitious enough that this movie will keep coming back if fans want to see it. 

3. Pet Semetary

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Losing a pet is hard enough, but losing a child when they’re so young is indescribable, and that’s one of the main plot points that this story focuses on. The truth is that the original movie and the remake are both dark as hell and their endings make it pretty clear that no one who messes with the burial grounds will get out alive. The allure that somehow grips each person when it comes to refusing to lose those they love is strong enough to mess with the hellish resurrection that is experienced when placing a dead being in the cursed ground, even after the apparent proof that such a thing is the worst idea possible. 

2. Oculus

Oculus, film review: Creaking plot doesn't make Mike Flanagan's horror any  less chilling | The Independent | The Independent

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It’s amazing how spirits can mess with the minds of mortal beings so easily and how they can be contained in certain objects that will somehow endure over many years. To be honest, the expectation for this movie was a lot higher than what was delivered, but the plot was creepy all the same since it involved something that could alter perceptions and convince people that what they were seeing was real. In the end, the last person standing, who was also the most traumatized, ends up being the only one who gets to walk away. The final scene, however, shows that not only have his parents still been held by the mirror but his sister, who was trying to destroy it, has been taken as well. 

1. Life


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The moment that the alien species in this movie was said to be all brain and muscle that should have been the sure sign that it was not to be messed with, especially in a manner that would be seen as hostile to most species. Thinking of how easy it was for the creature to overcome a group of scientists that know every part of their vessel, it’s very easy to think that trying to find life on Mars was one of the worst ideas possible. But then again, humans are a curious species that like to know as much as possible, so it was kind of inevitable that this type of thing might happen in a movie about extraterrestrial life. 

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