9 Best Heart-Stopping Horror Movies of All Time

9 Best Heart-Stopping Horror Movies of All Time

No genre of movies better set the floor for entertainment during family gatherings than horror movies. Many creative moviemakers have given us insanely scary movies to watch. Having said that, there have been some horror movies that are peerless. If you’re looking for something that will set your heart afloat, here’s a list of some scariest horror movies of all time:

1. Halloween (1978)

The number of sequels made for this movie speaks a lot about the waves of chills it sent down the spine of millions of people. The movie had a lot of bloodshed, while the story centers around a faceless serial killer. The story first provided no clue as to why Michael Myers was ruthlessly on an unstoppable killing spree. The mystery was kept until the release of other parts. 

2. Black Swan

9 Best Heart-Stopping Horror Movies of All Time

Credit: Black Swan

This horror movie digs into the psychological issues that potentially develop in a person submitting to uncontrolled obsessions. The main character in the movie makes it the mission of her life to be the next lead ballet dancer at a prestigious dancing troupe. The plot follows the constant pressure she has to endure from her family, professional rival, and people to become the best performer. Later, her depression starts to prevail and her psychological state gets worse; eventually she escapes reality and starts to experience mixed reality.

3. Sinister

This movie from 2012 will surely make your heart drop. Its story embraces the concept of a haunted house. The film is known for its remarkable cinematography and impeccable direction that will make even the most cliche scenes fairly scary to watch. This movie will leave you wanting more: to quench your scare thirst you can head over to American Horror Stories for consistent and high-quality horror stories. 

4. The Witch

The Witch, released in 2016, gave a fresh angle to the horror genre at the time. The movie’s plot starts with a witch trying to feast on a family one by one. Eventually, everyone in the family realizes the supernatural elements brought into their lives. The story progresses at a long pace and builds a slow yet strong setup for a few jump scares that leave the audience scared to their very bones. 

5. The Blair Witch Project

If there’s anything made in the ’90s that caught people’s hearts off-guard, it has to be this movie. The strategically planned marketing of the movie left everyone startled. No one was expecting clips of seemingly real-life witches on camera instead of the cliché horror trailers. After the trailer had set the atmosphere, the movie also didn’t disappoint the viewers.

6. Insidious

9 Best Heart-Stopping Horror Movies of All Time

Credit: Insidious

Insidious has to be the best-put classical haunted house story of all times. If you think that old-school scaring tactics wouldn’t work on you, you may need to watch this movie only to take yourself by surprise. The execution of the cliche scare tactics is so perfect that it makes you a fan instantly. The actors have also done an incredible job in making this movie a huge success and a one-of-its-kind horror film. Unlike many other movies in the same genre, Insidious give us frequent scares in the most relentless way possible. 

7. The Conjuring

9 Best Heart-Stopping Horror Movies of All Time

Credit: The Conjuring

In addition to Insidious, The Conjuring is also one of the most appreciated contributions by the same filmmaker. The plot follows the encounter of a paranormal investigator couple with a family stranded in a house with prevailing paranormal activity. 

8. The Ring

The unique storyline of this horror thriller is something that sets it apart from the rest of the horror movies. A mother comes to know that her son is going to die in the most horrifying way possible after seven days. The horror vibe and the psychological thriller in the movie paved its path to one of the smashing movies of its time. 

9. The Exorcist

9 Best Heart-Stopping Horror Movies of All Time

Credit: The Exorcist

When talking of the epitome of horror genre perfection, The Exorcist is a movie that fits the bill. The story unveils a demonic possession of a little girl. Amazing direction and impeccable actors have made this movie an iconic horror that is a must-watch for everyone. 

Stay tuned for regular updates in the horror genre, for who knows: there might be a horror movie starring Winnie the Pooh? 

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