How Hard Is It to Keep an MCU Secret?

How Hard Is It to Keep an MCU Secret?

It feels like it depends on who one asks when it comes to how hard it really is to keep an MCU secret under wraps, but Jonathan Majors, the man who will be playing Kang the Conqueror in the next Ant-Man and Wasp movie, appears to think that it wasn’t too hard. The difficulty likely lies in how well a person can keep from blabbing about something either due to excitement or because they can’t be trusted with a secret for anything. There’s a reason why some folks don’t need to know everything about the movies or shows they’re working on, and it has a lot to do with the fact that they tend to blab when it comes to upcoming movies and shows that the people they’re working for don’t want anyone to know just yet. This has happened a couple of times or has been in danger of happening anyway since a few of the MCU stars have done this, albeit accidentally in some cases. Most people would look to Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo when it comes to those that have revealed the most spoilers, but plenty of others have been just as guilty, though not as many times. 

For Jonathan Majors to say it was easy to keep a secret is curious since, on one hand, he’s probably right, especially if one isn’t thinking about it too much and obsessing on wanting to tell everyone the news. On the other hand, it’s hard to think that anything of this magnitude wouldn’t just slip out on occasion, especially when it’s likely that reporters and anyone else that wants the scoop would be trying their best to be subtle enough to get a few hints and tips on what’s going to happen. In this case, it would feel as though it might be just a little tougher to keep those secrets, but Majors might just be the type of person that knows how to keep his lips sealed when it comes to certain subjects and might be able to zip it when he thinks someone is digging for clues. That’s impressive to be certain. 

So far in the current phase, it does appear that not a lot of secret-sharing has been going on, which is a little more impressive since in the first three phases it didn’t appear that keeping secrets was the strong suit of a lot of actors or those that had something to do with the MCU. Endgame was the biggest issue when it came to keeping secrets since everyone wanted to know what happened, but no one wanted to see the surprise spoiled since, well, that’s the point of going to the movies. But as it’s already been proven there’s always someone that’s going to blurt out what happens, what’s going to happen, and other secrets that need to remain secret until people can watch for themselves. The fact that a lot of the MCU actors have been able to keep their mouths shut has been amazing but also expected since the developments that have been going on within the MCU have been guessed and hinted at for years now since the end of the Infinity Saga was first announced.

Now that things are progressing at a rate that will hopefully see another impressive buildup, it’s easy to think that the idea of keeping secrets will become a big issue once again since the fact is that the MCU is bringing in a lot of other actors and it’s fair to think that at least one or more of them might not be that great when it comes to keeping certain details under wraps. To be fair it’s not as though a lot of them are really trying to sabotage one movie or another since the many different interviews that occur from day to day are bound to unveil something at one point or another. Trying to take care with your words when answering questions about the MCU is bound to be a little difficult after all, since being stone faced and refusing to answer any questions is bound to have the opposite effect that the MCU might want. But in order to keep a secret one usually just needs to stop thinking about it as much, since this is a working method that can keep a person from spilling the beans. 

Of course, what works for one person doesn’t always work for everyone, but there’s a way that every person can keep from telling secrets that they shouldn’t, even if they’re the excitable type that just blurts things out. So far a lot of the MCU’s secrets in Phase Four have been kept and are still under lock and key, at least until someone comes along that can’t help but tell interviewers what they really want to hear. 

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