Marvel Fan Watches Avengers: Endgame 191 Times: Sets World Record

It’s a bit difficult to know whether to tell Ramiro Alanis good job or to ask him if he fell on his head. With all due respect, the guy has made a record out of watching Avengers: Endgame a staggering 191 times, which should be more than enough time to catch each and every Easter egg in the movie and to likely come up with a host of theories as to how Phase 4 of the MCU might have been set up with various cues during the movie. But sitting in the theater that many times, watching the same movie, knowing what was going to happen with each show, is something that would test the mettle of just about anyone given that a person would have to actually find things to be amazed by at some point. Even the most hardcore Avengers fan would be hard-pressed to spend what amounts to 24 full days in the theater watching the same thing over and over. Heck, the only people that really have to do this are editors and directors, and it’s fair to say that not even they could match this record. But he is in the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to this since the record was held by another person for Infinity War before Alanis came along. The guy is dedicated, that’s obvious, and he did sacrifice his health a bit for this, which is odd, to say the least, but was his choice.

What it might have cost in the long run though is kind of cringe-worthy since depending on the price of movie tickets where he was attending it’s likely that he spent well over a couple of thousand dollars when the ticket prices and concessions were added up. Going to the same movie every time, one would almost have to have something to eat and drink just to have something else to do. But sitting there for the same movie over and over makes me tired just thinking about it, even with the knowledge that there’s plenty of action in Endgame. But hey, to each their own, since Alanis was obviously reaching for something that he wanted and managed to get it. A lot of people enjoyed the movie, but trying to enjoy it on this level is something that takes a different type of mindset that isn’t bound to be shared by everyone. There are a lot of ways to get noticed in this world, and those that end up doing more harm than good are strangely some of the things that people still keep running towards if only to prove that they can do it and that they’re tough enough and dedicated enough to make it happen. Alanis must be a truly devoted fan of the Avengers to have come up with this idea, but even more than that is the fact that he put some real planning into this matter and made it clear that he was going to push himself to make it happen.

Moving forward it’s kind of hard to think of what’s going to come next that might be as great as the Infinity Saga since right now it feels as though the MCU is in a huge jumble thanks to the fallout from Endgame. But one has to remember that the initial phases didn’t really feel as though they were leading up something so much as they felt that they were building a world that people were meant to enjoy. As of now all that we’ve seen of the current phase is a town that was taken over by a grief-stricken Scarlet Witch, and an attempt by Falcon and the Winter Soldier to avert the plans of a group known as the Flag Smashers from causing anarchy to erupt in a world that’s attempting to regain its identity after five long years of sorrow. Endgame was a definite hit for all those in the MCU and it was a turning point that has left a lot of people wondering just what could possibly happen now that would be every bit as popular and monumental as the movie turned out to be. But one can easily imagine that if the next few phases manage to put together something that’s just as impressive that someone might come along and attempt to break Ramiro’s record simply because they want to. The record is going to be one that’s tough to break though, even if the theaters do start to open even further as the days continue to pass. It’s not just the number of times that a person has to visit the theater, it’s the planning that has to go into the whole thing and the cost, both monetary and otherwise, that has to be incurred when trying to make this happen. If a person wants something bad enough they’ll do quite a bit to get it obviously.

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