5 Classic Sword Fighting Scenes in Movies

5 Classic Sword Fighting Scenes in Movies

5 Classic Sword Fighting Scenes in Movies

Sword fights in movies are exciting but they’re not always that realistic. The choreography and work that go into the movements are intense and sometimes wildly exaggerated but they do make for a good film experience. In reality sword fights were extremely brutal and over much quicker than you would see in any film. The intricate dancing was not as common in many fights but it could be used to draw out one’s opponent or in many cases tire them out. In sword fights that feature little to no real armor the danger level is extremely high and the mortality rate would swiftly follow. But once again, it’s great theater and far more dramatic than a realistic version could ever be.

Here are just a few sword fights in movies that cling to some realistic tenets but otherwise are there to keep the audience entertained because they are that awesome.

5. Highlander:Endgame

You had to know this one would be in here. Highlander has been a common Hollywood staple for a long time now and in truth it’s kind of disappointing that no one has bothered with a reboot yet. The fact that special effects have come so far since the first Highlander movie make it likely that we should be expecting another Highlander movie within the next decade at the very least. Right?

4. Fearless

In some movies that showcase awesome sword fights you’ll see the combatants start to breathe heavily and show exhaustion after the first few minutes of engagement. In Jet Li movies though exhaustion seems to be a thing that’s only experienced after taking on at least twenty or more people, not just one. Give credit where it’s due however, this fight sequence was pretty intense.

3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Epic is the only way to describe this scene. Student vs. teacher matches are almost always a must-see, especially when the student thinks they’re so much better than they really are. Given that the student has a blade that can cut through pretty much anything her lesser skill is not as much of a detriment as it should be. But the teacher certainly lets her know just how much she still has to learn throughout the fight.

2. The Princess Bride

Inigo Montoya. How many of us repeated that mantra of his over and over once we’d learned it? As great a sword fighter as he was however he couldn’t quite match up to the man in black as it was shown that their skills were nearly equal. Still Inigo was a master swordsman and did manage to get his revenge at the end.

1. Troy

It might have started with spears but once it came down to swords you knew that death was closing in for Hector. The historical inaccuracies of this film definitely played Achilles up in a way that made people think he was the ultimate fighter of his time. But overall the fiction was fun to watch because he was without a doubt the one warrior among many that no one wanted to mess with. Even Hector knew that he had virtually no chance of coming back alive.

Sword fights in the movies are a lot more drawn out than they used to be in real life and have much more flare. But that’s what makes them so much fun.


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