Five Female Villains We’d Like to See Batman Go up Against On Screen

Batman has faced so many enemies throughout the years that it wouldn’t seem like there would be a lot that you haven’t seen in one film or another. But there are those that have been so woefully underrepresented that it seems a shame to think that they have no place in the cinematic view. In fact some of those that have been overlooked as silly or otherwise not worthy of the screen seem like they’d be awesome villains to bring out these days considering the massive amount of special effects that are available now. Some would be great just because the villains are so hard-hitting and out of control, but others would be awesome since there would be almost no way for the dark knight to really anticipate where they would strike or when. Plus, giving Batman a female villain almost always seems to trip him up since he can get physical, but still doesn’t have quite the same amount of guile that women are born with.

Here are some characters that would be insanely interesting to see the dark knight square off with on film.

5. Lady Shiva

Anyone, be they man or woman, that can keep up with Batman in a fight and even deem him as unworthy of their skills is someone that needs to be taken seriously. Maybe it’s the practice of Hollywood to show that women are in some ways inferior to men (yeah right), or maybe it’s that viewers somehow tune out when women are made to whip up on men, but Lady Shiva would be a great foil to Batman since she could probably take him in a one on one fight without his gadgets or tools. Of course the dark knight would probably win since he tends to have every eventuality sorted out before a fight. While she’s a master at combat he’s a master at hedging his bets.

4. Harley Quinn

Some people might say that without the Joker there at her side Harley Quinn wouldn’t stand a chance, but they’d probably be wrong. Toe to toe Batman would mop the floor with her, but throughout her run in the comics and the movies it’s been seen that Harley is not the kind of woman you turn your back on or even discount as being less of a threat. She’s the kind that will crush you the moment she feels the need, but she’ll do so with a smile and a very comical sense of glee that leaves you wondering just how crazy she really is. The scariest part about Harley is that she’s not all that crazy, she’s just having fun.

3. Sister Crystal

You know Batman would be coming up with a perfect defense against this woman but the idea of anyone being able to turn organic material to glass or crystal with just a touch would still be a very lethal combatant. While she might not be a threat to Batman right from the word go she would no doubt be able to threaten those he cares about and even the city if you really want the honest truth. She’d be a villain best kept in the shadows for as long as possible until it was time to really get down and dirty. In fact she seems like the type of villain that would be better off finding out that Bruce Wayne was Batman so that she could get close.

2. Pix

This is a horrifying enemy simply because there’s really no idea how many attacks she could launch at you and how many different directions you’d have to turn in order to keep her at bay. When someone possesses the kind of technology that allows the body art she wears to come to life there’s a lot of potential for mayhem and confusion since there’s really no way to know which piece of art is going to be attacking you and which will lie dormant and do nothing. Pix is a very troubled character that would be the kind that might be seen as the sympathetic villain, but would still be a threat.

1. Jane Doe

It’s hard to stop somebody that can be anybody. While Jane Doe isn’t a shapechanger she is an accomplished mimic, or a cipher as she’s been called. She has the ability to observe those around her with such attention to detail that the moment she desires she finds a way to take their identity and then assume them so perfectly that almost no one can tell who she really is. Batman has defeated her in the comics before, but one has to assume that it took a lot of doing on his part. Aside from just assuming identities she also assumes their quirks and abilities, meaning that at some point she’s become quite the capable fighter.

Batman has had his hands filled with his enemies in the past, but these five women seem like they’d give him more than a run for his money.

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