Five Comic Book Movie Heroes Who We Simply Cannot Forgive

Superheroes are bigger than life when it comes to their heroics, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they are bigger than life when it comes to their screw-ups as well. For proof, look no further than superhero movies, which have plenty of examples of superheroes doing terrible things.

Here are 5 examples of movie superheroes who have done terrible things:


Batman has something of a reputation for being a darker and grimmer character than his most famous counterpart from DC Comics. However, Batman v Superman took this further than previous movies by featuring a Batman who was more than willing to kill, which is a moral line that most versions of the character would never cross. He might be better now, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has a kill-count, which is made worse by the fact that modern societies have a poor impression of vigilantism for excellent reasons.


Superman Returns was interesting in that it featured Superman as a father. However, the circumstances behind how Superman became the biological father of Lois Lane’s child are rather odd, seeing as how she doesn’t actually know Superman’s real identity. Considering the hints that Superman Returns exists in the same setting as Superman II, it is possible that the whole sequence of events happened because of Superman wiping Lois Lane’s memories of him with his kiss, which was bad enough on its own.


There can be no doubt that Hancock could have been much worse than he was, but considering that his shenanigans cost the City of Los Angeles millions and millions of dollars on a regular basis, he was pretty bad in Hancock as he was. Suffice to say that super-powers combined with serious personal issues is not a pleasant combination for the rest of society.


Speaking of serious personal issues, Tony Stark has often been characterized by his. There are a number of reasons that Ironman merits a mention on this list, but since it would take too much time and too much space to list them, we will settle for Ironman’s role in creating Ultron. Not trusting data from strange sources such as an alien god’s magical scepter is supposed to be Cybersecurity 101, but to be fair, Stark has never been famous for his excellent sense of judgment.

The Incredible Hulk

On a related note, Bruce Banner has made some pretty terrible choices of his own. For example, there was the time in The Incredible Hulk when he chose to hide in the Brazilian slums where he made a living by working at a terrible job at a local bottling plant. Considering that he was being hunted by the military at the time, it was a miracle that he did not go Hulk with catastrophic consequences for the whole of his densely-populated surroundings. The one point in his favor is that the stress means that he probably wasn’t in the right state of mind at the time, but that doesn’t change the fact that he put an enormous number of innocent lives in serious danger of becoming caught up in superhero shenanigans.

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