5 Marvel Villains Who Would be Terrible Teachers

5 Marvel Villains Who Would be Terrible Teachers

If Thanos Actually Wiped Out Half of All Life, How Would Earth Fare in the  Aftermath? | Science| Smithsonian Magazine

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For all the tricks, the evil, and the mayhem that villains in the Marvel Universe get up to, one can’t help but think that a few of them are actually a little qualified to teach valuable life lessons that people might want to pay attention to. Some of them might become villains despite their good intentions since the manner in which they seek to help others means they have to harm a substantial number of people. Others might simply be misguided in their pursuits, and others could take things too far for a good reason that many don’t agree with. But the point is, villains in the Marvel Universe tend to make it clear that the role of an educator might be something they’re qualified for, but it would still be a huge mistake to let them take such a role if they were inclined to accept. Just imagine a generation of younger folks being taught by those who believed that the ends justified the means without fail. Okay, some might argue that such a thing already exists, but on this level, it would be even more disastrous. 

Here are five Marvel villains who would be horrible teachers. 

5. Agatha Harkness

Here's Why Kathryn Hahn is Perfect as Agatha Harkness

credit: MCU

In the comics, Agatha has been trusted before since she didn’t always pose as an evil witch that was bent on dominating others. But in the MCU, it’s easy to state that she’s one of the more devious individuals around and, if not held in check, she could be a very big problem. Trying to imagine that she would willingly lower herself to teaching another anything other than the same lessons that she’s used to survive for so long is kind of a stretch since Agatha comes off as the type of character who would gladly use others for her own purposes rather than help them learn anything that might be used against her, or for a practical purpose. All in all, Agatha feels like the type who wouldn’t be cut out for the role of an educator. 

4. Ultron

Who Actually Voices Ultron In The MCU?

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While he has the capacity to be an educator thanks to his ability to tap into any needed source of information, it’s not too likely that Ultron would be a willing participant in the learning process, given that his goals are usually a bit loftier than all that. Plus, his lessons might lean toward why humanity is such a plague to the world and come fully equipped with several points that would make a lot of sense, at least to those who really believe that humanity has little to no chance of redemption. In many ways, Ultron would be the lesson of why hubris is such a dangerous trait when it comes to humanity, while his role as an educator would start and end with his need to fix the ‘problem’ that he thinks humanity represents. 

3. Kingpin

Daredevil' is good, but Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin is where the show  really shines | Streaming | Orlando | Orlando Weekly

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Wilson Fisk feels like the last person that anyone would want to learn from unless they needed to learn how to hurt people and take over a city in a manner that wasn’t entirely legal but is still effective. In a big way, the Kingpin is the kind of individual that has come up the hard way and learned how to refine his image with every step forward that he’s taken. Apart from being brutal and straight to the point, he’s one of those individuals that many wouldn’t look to as a role model unless they need to know how to become a dominant force in the criminal underworld. In other words, Fisk doesn’t have much to do with education, meaning he’d be the last person you would think of in such a role. 

2. Loki

Tom Hiddleston on The Evolution of Loki: From Villain to Hero and Back |  Den of Geek

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Loki might actually be capable of standing up in a classroom to speak his mind on how things work in one world or another, but it’s fair to think that his patience might wear thin at some point. It does feel as though he might take it as a challenge to pull another prank or perhaps undercut the education system in a big way by opening the eyes of those seeking to learn in his own way. Loki is a trickster god after all, and it’s fair to think that he might find it amusing to create a little chaos within one learning system or another. 

1. Thanos

If Thanos Actually Wiped Out Half of All Life, How Would Earth Fare in the  Aftermath? | Science| Smithsonian Magazine

credit: MCU

Just thinking about Thanos teaching a lesson in conservation should give a lot of people the chills since it’s already been seen how the MCU version of Thanos goes about trying to save the universe. One has to admit that he has a point when it comes to trying to balance out the universe in one way or another, but the fact is that by killing trillions or simply erasing their existence, he went about it in a way that’s absolutely horrifying. 

Any way you cut it, most villains should probably never think of educating others. 

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