Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion: Who Wins?

Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion: Who Wins?

Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion: Who Wins?

This is another fight that’s awfully close due to the fact that Scorpion and Ghost Rider have such a similar power set that it’s believed that neither of them can really hurt each other in a permanent way. There are plenty of fans that are going to lean heavily toward Scorpion’s side simply due to the fact that he is an undead ninja and has a bevy of powers at his command, which do make him a formidable opponent without a doubt. But discounting the Ghost Rider is a really bad idea since the devil’s bounty hunter is essentially a force that has no known upper limit and is only bound by the host that he’s taken, meaning that no matter who the power is attached to, unleashing the full power of the demon is not possible since the human aspect tends to keep it in check somehow. During World War Hulk it was seen that Ghost Rider had a few problems squaring off against the Hulk, but this had more to do with the fact that Ghost Rider and his host weren’t vibing entirely. 

This is due to the fact that there’s another way in which Ghost Rider’s power can be limited, and this has to do with the fact that he only avenges the innocent and punishes the wicked, and during WWH the Rider figured that Hulk was not the villain, no matter what he’d already done. When one makes a habit of punishing the wicked they gain a certain sensitivity to who’s good and who’s bad, so it’s fair to say that the Ghost Rider has a pretty good sense of who is deserving of the dreaded Penance Stare that is, essentially, his ace in the hole in this fight. The thing is, any damage that either one of these combatants can do to one another, and they can do a lot, isn’t going to stick since they both have insane regenerative qualities as Scorpion simply goes back to the Netherrealm if he’s destroyed, while the Ghost Rider’s body pieces itself together even after massive damage has been done. 

A lot of people might give this fight to Scorpion because he is the better technical fighter as well given that he is a ninja and knows how to fight, and how to hit the weakest points in a body. The trouble there is that Ghost Rider’s physiology isn’t the same as a human being, and his weak points aren’t as obvious. Holy weapons can harm the Ghost Rider, which is a glaring weakness that Scorpion could exploit if he carried such things, but Scorpion’s anger is his greatest weakness since he tends to lash out at times in anger, which clouds his judgment and makes him a little too impulsive. In a slugging contest with the Ghost Rider that could be costly since going blow for blow, Scorpion should be able to last for a while, but if the Rider somehow gets hold of him and delivers the Penance Stare, then it’s all over. The thing about Scorpion, at least until he became a human being again, is that he was a spirit that was reanimated and given form. In other words, destroying his would do the same for him as it does for any character, it would shut him down in a big way. 

The fight that led up to this moment would be intense though since both of them used ranged weapons, and both combatants are heavy hitters. It might not matter that Scorpion has been seen as a better character over the years as he’s gradually made his way back to the side of the good guys since he can be manipulated and forced to swing either way when it comes to being bad or good. This kind of character might not get along with Ghost Rider anyway, since the spirit of vengeance isn’t exactly the most forgiving individual in the world, and has been all about taking down those that have caused harm to others in the past. What might make it an interesting fight though is if it took place in the Netherrealm, where Scorpion’s powers continue to increase the longer he’s there. But one has to realize that Ghost Rider is going to draw his power from this place as well, which means that it’s a fairly even fight. 

Out of the many, MANY fights that people have dreamed up between one character and another, this would be one of those that people would likely argue about until one final element was brought up, and the Penance Stare is definitely that element. Up until that crucial moment when this attack could be used though, it would a guessing game for certain, since these two characters would likely pound on each other until something gave. 

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