Author: Nathaniel Fitzgerald

Nat can quote every episode of Seinfeld from memory. He doesn’t understand why anyone likes Big Bang Theory or Family Guy. He still cries during certain scenes of The Office. He’s still angry about the finale of How I Met Your Mother. I mean, what were they thinking? Completely undid the rest of the show. When he isn’t binge watching Netflix or helping his wife run her makerspace, he’s playing in his band or listening to records.

Remembering the Golden Age of Fuse TV

The early 2000s were a hard time to be a rock music fan. The radio stations were awash with boybands and teeny boppers. MTV had long since abandoned music vid

The Best Product Placement Jokes in Movies

Movies are expensive to make. The average feature-length film costs around $65 million. To offset that cost, many studios turn to product placement. They app

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