Why We Think a “Death of X” TV Mini Series Would Work Well

Why We Think a “Death of X” TV Mini Series Would Work Well

Why We Think a “Death of X” TV Mini Series Would Work Well

In keeping with the idea that X-Men spinoffs could become popular enough to eventually be something that people would come to expect and even anticipate, Death of X would seem to be one series that might help to redeem one of Marvel’s missteps as of late. Recall how the show The Ihumans, bombed so spectacularly? Well the Death of X is a storyline that includes the Inhumans and the X-Men in a way that might just make the Inhumans seem a little more alluring to viewers than the original show ever could have done. Instead of infighting among their own, the Inhumans would be forced to take on various factions of X-Men as they struggle to find their place in this world.

Their use of the Terrigen Mist would be the main plot point of the series, and the unending conflict between the X-Men and Inhumans would be the story line that would sit as the core around which everything would emanate. If you’ve never read the story then you might not understand the full implications of what might happen if the Inhumans were to unleash the Terrigen Mists they cherish and believe in so dearly upon the planet earth. Their intent is pure enough as they believe that it would create a fitting end to war as the mists are able to transform non-Inhumans into Inhumans with supernatural gifts. The acceptable losses of those that devolve into monstrous creatures or die completely doesn’t seem to be an issue as the Inhumans have been seen to strive for perfection in form and function, and would gladly accept these losses. However the problem in The Death of X is that the Terrigen Mist are quite deadly to mutants as it turns out, and cause a slow, painful death.

Cyclops, who is in command of the X-Men at this point, takes great issue with this as the Terrigen Mists are a serious problem for his people, while Storm and Magneto, who are also highly influential at this time, seek to find their own ways to deal with the problem. Through a few misadventures it is found that mutants and Inhumans simply cannot get along, and as the mutants are forced to flee or die, public opinion about them drastically declines while their support of the Inhumans grows. This story would no doubt be one that is seen as yet another chapter in the history of mutants, and the X-Men, that shows just how persecuted and misunderstood they are. Like all the other movies and shows thus far it would serve as a means of showing that no matter what, they will always be considered too different to simply be allowed to blend in with society.

It would also be a chance to bring the Inhumans into the mix once again, and to possibly bring forth a few new mutants that haven’t yet been seen on any screen. It would be a great chance to revive the TV presence of the X-Men and to bring them a little closer to true success on the small screen.

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