Storm vs Mera: Who Wins?

credit: Marvel Comics

It’s easy to anticipate the idea that people believe that Mera will knock Storm for a loop if they were to meet face-to-face in a fight, especially since Mera’s strength and durability are typical for what would be seen in an Atlantean, meaning that she’s more than a match for one of the X-Men’s most powerful members. But much like other combatants who are strong and capable but are outmatched in terms of strength and speed, Storm has learned how to adapt her fighting style to gain the advantage needed in a fight. Mera is a super-powered individual that can control water and even dehydrate an opponent, but this time around, she wouldn’t be going up against someone that can’t defend against this. Storm knows how to control the weather around her, which utilizes the very element that Mera has control over, meaning that regardless of her mastery, Mera would be in for a tremendous fight unless Storm allowed her to close the distance and land a strike. Too many people are willing to state that Storm wouldn’t last more than a single punch, and they’re probably right, but the best way to avoid a punch is to not be there, and the best way to counter it is by using a power that is deadly from a distance. Storm can do this rather easily. 

credit: DC Comics

Mera’s not a pushover by any means, but she’s still a flesh and blood being. 

There’s no doubt that Mera’s tough; she kind of has to be simply to live beneath the surface of the ocean. But at the end of the day, she’s still composed of the same flesh and blood as most other people, and as a result, she can be wounded, even if it takes a little more to do so. The fact is that Mera’s skin might be a bit tougher and, therefore, a little more resistant to being shocked, but Storm has other attacks at her disposal, and being that she’s learned how to employ tactics in a very skilled manner over the years, it’s easy to state that Mera might be faked out or fooled at least once or twice by the elemental mutant. Ororo has been the leader of the X-Men, remember, and holding such a diverse group of highly-powered individuals together means that she has the ability to plan and create havoc on the battlefield. 

Up close and personal, Storm would have to be quick and couldn’t make that many mistakes. 

Storm is a skilled combatant, but so is Mera, and the strength discrepancy here would favor Mera in a big way since she’s strong and nimble, and her speed would be too much for Storm to handle since Mera has been able to dodge lightning bolts in the past. But despite the fact that she has incredible leaping abilities and can use her hydrokinesis to her advantage, Mera is still bound to underestimate Storm since one failing of many DC heroes is that they’re a little too arrogant for their own good. Marvel usually limits their heroes in one way or another, no matter how OP they might be, and even a mild bit of arrogance from Mera would be an incredibly disastrous mistake if she were to let it show. 

credit: Marvel Comics

Storm has a few abilities that could be used to cancel out Mera’s deadliest attacks. 

As it was mentioned above, Mera could use her hydrokinesis to dehydrate Storm if she had the chance, but here’s the trick: would she be quick enough? Mera could even create tidal waves to batter Ororo if she were quick enough. But considering that Storm can affect the electrical impulses in a person’s brain, it’s a matter of who is quicker to act, and messing up one’s ability to think feels as though it might trump the ability to dehydrate someone from a distance. There’s also the idea of who would be more aggressive since both women are known to be calm at times and very reasonable. But it does stand to reason that both of them can unleash their fury at a moment’s notice if needs be, and in this, Ororo does feel as though she has the edge that’s needed to take Mera down. 

In the end, it feels as though this would come down to a matter of willpower, as in who wants to survive. 

Both women possess an amazing amount of willpower, but there’s a reason why it feels as though Storm would win this one. For one thing, she’s taken on the types of powerful combatants that would likely stomp Mera, and while Mera can control water, so can Storm to some extent. Between frying Mera’s brain and giving her a seizure and electrocuting her with one well-timed blast, it does feel that Storm takes this fight without too much difficulty. 

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