Namor vs. Iron Man: Who Wins?

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Even if we’ll never get to see this fight, it’s still interesting to think about since the two characters are quite powerful and more than a little durable. Some would likely state that Namor would take this fight since he’s stronger, more durable, and more likely to fly into a rage at any given time. But there’s a big reason why he might not take the fight so easily since Iron Man is smarter than Namor in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to higher-level thinking. There was no proof in Wakanda Forever that the MCU Namor is any smarter than the comic book version, and because of this, it’s not tough to think that Tony Stark would have a chance, especially since many people have not brought up in this discussion a trick that Iron Man has used a couple of times, the use of his many other suits that would be brought to the fight, if he needed them, plus the fact that he has more than just one type of armor. The location would play a big part in this fight as well, since if Namor and Iron Man fought in or near the water, then Namor would have a huge advantage given that his access to water is crucial to his need to maintain his power levels from time to time. 

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The Iron Legion would be a problem for Namor if this were a one-on-one death match. 

Either the Iron Legion or the multiple suits that Iron Man can call upon would be an issue for Namor since all of them have specialized weaponry and could easily prove to be an issue if they’re all attacking at once. It wouldn’t be a fair fight to be certain, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea since one on one, Namor poses way more of a threat to Tony than if he decided to use whatever advantages he has. Plus, the fact that the other suits can be remotely piloted and are able to attack without Tony needing to control them all at once would be enough of an advantage to put Namor on his heels. Whether Tony would go this far is hard to say since there’s no telling how invested he would be in this fight since Namor has been an ally for so long. But then again, in a death match, with morals off, Tony would no doubt use everything at his disposal. Namor would likely do the same if he was near the water, which would even the fight even further. 

In close-quarters combat, Namor still wouldn’t have the full advantage that people think. 

Namor is a skilled combatant, to be certain, but Tony is not without his means since, over the years, he’s done his best to learn what he can. But barring that, Tony’s armor does have the capability of analyzing a person’s fighting style, meaning that it might take a few moments, but much as he did to Captain America, he could likely figure out where Namor’s next punch was bound to land and would be able to counter. This one advantage is something that Namor couldn’t copy since he would need to think on his feet and improvise quickly to counter it. Granted, Namor is a skilled warrior and tactician, but his arrogance tends to get the best of him sometimes, and it’s not something that Tony would let slip if he saw this happen. 

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If Namor is enraged, it might be a bad day for Tony. 

It’s never been tough to send Namor into a rage since, whether it’s his PTSD or something else that’s going on with his physiology, he’s usually quite arrogant and easy to push over the edge. This has been proven many times in the past since he’s not the calmest person in the world. Driving him to bloodlust wouldn’t be too tough, especially since Tony knows how to get under the skin of most people and would find something, anything, that might allow him to do the same to Namor. Of course, this might also backfire on Tony if he didn’t see it coming. 

This fight would be a tough one. 

This wouldn’t be an easy fight to call since, as mentioned above, the location would be a big deal when it came to who has the upper hand. Namor would have more of an advantage near or over the sea, while Iron Man would still have a lot of tools to call upon. It does feel safe to say that the two would win and lose alternately depending on whether or not they were able to use their advantages to their best effect. Iron Man’s intelligence would be pressed to figure out a way to keep Namor from dipping into the water and replenishing his energy, but since he’s one of the smartest men on the planet, it does feel as though Tony might end up outsmarting Namor at some point. 

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