Iron Man: A List of Tony Stark’s Greatest Feats

Iron Man: A List of Tony Stark’s Greatest Feats

Iron Man: A List of Tony Stark’s Greatest Feats

Tony Stark, the egoistical son of an affluent weapons manufacturer Howard Stark was self-centered. He chose to be better when terrorists kidnapped and gravely injured him. He was under pressure to create a mass destruction weapon. Instead, Tony made a suit that was indestructible and would allow him to flee. Tony uses his intellect and resources to better the world as The Invincible Iron Man. He became the avengers’ founding member due to his identity as a superhero. This article digs in through some of Tony’s greatest feats.

Drilling through Earth

Tony Starks, in one of his oldest suits, can casually drill through the earth. He used his power to create an intense explosion that the opposite side of the world felt it. After tanked a mountain and shattered blows from Mandarin/Fin Fang Foom, the blast vaporized Fing Fam Foom. It also destroyed several mountain ranges. He escaped from the pool of the Galactus. Without using so much energy, the Iron Man releases 2000 decibels of high-frequency sonics.

The Black Hole Escape

Tony managed to escape from the center of the Black Hole created by Godkiller. This feat displays speed, strength, and durability. A Black Hole typically was bigger than earth and approximately 24 times the sun’s mass.

Fight with Magneto

Iron Man trades blows with Magneto and defeats him. Magneto acquired his powers from the sun’s magnetic fields. He also used the magnetic fields of an unknown number of planets.

Tony Saves New York

In the Avengers’ attempt to defeat Chitauri and Loki, six superheroes could only do so much. The World Security Council directed a missile directed at Manhattan. The missile would not only have destroyed Chitauri, but it would have killed the Avengers and innocent lives. In the Avengers, Iron Man saves New York from the missile.

Saves Kid

Iron Man saved a kid that had worn the Iron Man gear. It happened when Justin Hammer’s drones got hacked by Vanko. The drones went rogue and had the intention to destroy Iron Man.

Tony Saves the President

Despite all odds against him, Tony had to save President Ellis and the staff aboard Air Force One. Savin had taken hostage of the plane. Tony kept the thirteen people in the aircraft from a free-fall.

Mentor to Spider-Man

In one of the saddest and sweetest arcs in the MCU, Iron Man mentored Spider-Man and helped him save the ferry. The people on the ferry survived to live another day.

Test for Iron Man Armor

Tony put it to the test after developing the Iron Man armor in the first movie. He decided to put it to the test by taking on the Ten Rings in Afghanistan. Tony had to save a Yinsen village of Gulmira from terrorists.

Use of Infinity Stones

In the Avengers: Endgame, to defeat Thanos, Tony used the Infinity Stones. He gave his life to defeat the villain when he swiped the stones from Thanos. Tony saved the world because it was in the best interest of the world to do so.


Tony made it work with Pepper. Yes, he was the Iron Man, but he was also a human being with a personal life. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we see them patch things up and get engaged.

Fight with Thanos

He had a one-on-one fight with Thanos. He displayed unparalleled heroism in mastering his Iron Man skills when Thanos had defeated all of Iron Man’s allies. That’s what qualifies him as one of the greatest heroes in the MCU.

No more Weapons

Tony announced that Stark Industries would no longer make military weapons. He resolved to make the world a better place and had his company retreat.

Medal to Senator Stern

Senator Stern was a major thorn in Tony’s flesh. But Tony made and gave him a medal. Admittedly, this was petty. But you’ve got to give it to Tony for knowing how to exact revenge. This power move by Tony was sweet.

One Punch

Iron Man, in one punch, knocked out She-Hulk. Iron Man was justified in this savage beating from Avengers Disassembled.

Planet Hulk

He sent the Hulk into outer space. He intended to send him away to live alone for the rest of his days. The Planet Hulk storyline began when he landed on Sakaar, where he found a new home. The Illuminati and rocket Iron Man indirectly caused the surfacing of the Worldbreaker Hulk.

Superiority Complex

Tony gained a massive superiority complex and was more aggressive with his friends and enemies alike. Some notable feats include trashing many of his old suits, choking Daredevil, and battering Nomad.


The MCU depicted the Norse God of Thunder and Iron Man as good friends. Together they’ve battled madmen, monsters, and gods. They have served as the Avengers’ most potent and most intelligent warriors. Iron Man cloned the Norse God of Thunder.

Ultrasonics and Repulsors

On short notice, Tony can bring ultrasonics and repulsors with enough force to power a continent without draining the energy.

Mountain Fall

A mountain fell on Iron Man, and he casually busts through it.


Iron Man possesses incredible speeds such that Mallen cannot track him yet, all the while he was right in front of him. On the other hand, he can travel to and from the sun. In addition, Tony can withstand Blitz from the Sentry. Lastly, The Iron Man uses milliseconds to react while taking down Crimson Dynamo.

What Tony Stark’s feats do you know? Please share with us!

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