Why Thanos Should And Shouldn’t Appear In The Eternals

Who’s the greatest villain from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If you ask me, it’s Thanos, the Mad Titan himself. It’s not even a contest. The MCU has been criticized for years for not having the greatest villains. With the exception of a handful of MCU villains, most of them were either underwhelming, underdeveloped, or just plain boring. I mean, it’s a real bummer that the Netflix shows are no longer canon (if they ever were) because most of their villains were phenomenal. As much as I love the movies, they tend to be hit-and-miss with their villains. Now of course, they managed to dish out villains like Killmonger and Loki, although Loki is more of an anti-hero now. I think it’s because of that reason, I don’t consider him to be one of the top MCU villains.

That’s okay, however, because with a new age for the MCU, that means there’s room for new villains. But we all have to admit that since the beginning, Marvel was building those stepping stones to Thanos. Yeah, it got rather annoying overtime just seeing him sit on his throne and eventually just getting up, but when we saw him in action, he was on a whole other level than the previous MCU villains.

Okay, and can we just remember that he actually won? And once we got to Avengers: Endgame, he was killed in the first twenty minutes. But guess what? He still won. Even after Thor took his head off, Thanos destroyed the infinity stones and half the population of the universe. The heroes had to spend five years licking their wounds and struggled with trying to move on. And as we all know, they went back in time, got the infinity stones back, brought back everyone who turned into dust, but inadvertently brought back a past Thanos with them. And if you thought the current Thanos was bad, the one from the past was far more ruthless. In the end, he was defeated, but his defeat came at a great personal cost to the heroes. They lost Iron Man and Black Widow, and the original Avengers disbanded.

This was a sad but fitting end to the original team. But with the first big MCU superhero team no longer in the game, what does that mean for the future? Well, the obvious answer would be Fantastic Four or X-Men, and we know that Marvel is pursuing the former. But rather than just giving us either teams first, Marvel has decided to dish out a far less popular Marvel team.

The Eternals will be coming this November with a stellar cast and an Oscar-winning director at the helm. And if you’ve seen that first teaser trailer, you know we’re in for a wild ride. There is a lot of possibilities this movie can brew up, but if there’s one thing we’re all curious about, it’s the possible return of Thanos. Of course, this movie is set after the events of Endgame, so we know that there will be no resurrection.

However, the Eternals have apparently been around since the beginning of mankind. They’re basically immortal, but they haven’t just been grounded on Earth for centuries. The Eternals can expand the boundaries of the MCU to the more intergalactic territories. Speaking of which, how come they didn’t feel the need to help the Avengers when Thanos was trying to wipe out half the universe? I guess it was just their way to not interfere for centuries, but I have a feeling they came across with villains like Thanos long before the Avengers were even born.

First of all, we need to recognize that the Eternals have a long history with the Celestials. The Celestials have been mentioned several times in the MCU, including Kurt Russell’s character Ego from Guardians 2 showing his true form. That’s only a taste of what the Celestials are capable of, and the Eternals know it better than most. The Eternals movie can show us how that ancient history began. On top of that, we can see how it call connects to their ancient rivalry with the Deviants.

But how does this all connect to Thanos? Well, because in the comics, he’s actually a Eternal-Deviant hybrid. In fact, his father was a prominent figure in leading the races, something Thanos didn’t exactly stand for. Now in the MCU, Thanos was just the Mad Titan because he suggested genocide to fix the overpopulation problem on his planet. We got no backstory on his family, but the comic version had a dark history with his. It pretty much shaped who he became and obviously, it didn’t end well for his family or his people.

Now I can see the Eternals meet a very young Thanos long before the events of Infinity War and Endgame even began. That would fit in the MCU timeline, although it would come across as a big of some fan service. I mean, Thanos just died, so having him return so quickly would kind of diminish the impact of his death. It hardly matters if it’s a flashback. Now if the Eternals do want to set up for an even bigger villain, they can set the stage for Galatcus.

If you thought Thanos was a serious threat, just wait until they bring in Galactus. He’s a giant cosmic entity that devours planets to survive. That reminds me, where did the Fantastic Four get their powers from? All of this can be traced back to the Eternals and their connection to cosmic energy. Now can they squeeze in a young Thanos cameo? Probably, but why throw in a cameo just for the sake of throwing in a cameo? Well, because he’s Thanos, but still, I’d rather have the Eternals set up characters we haven’t seen yet. No, I don’t expect Galactus to appear in the Eternals, but it can touch on his origins. Will Galactus be connected to the Celestials in the MCU? Given his immense power, I would certainly count on it.

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