Why The MCU Needs to Put Uru Weapons to Use

Just imagine what might happen if more star-forged Uru weapons and armor were being used in the MCU? So far there’s not a lot of it, and it’s easy to think that those running the show aren’t ready to make such a thing happen since the damage that might be done with too many weapons such as Mjolnir or Stormbreaker being unleashed is bound to be something that would kick the MCU into a much higher gear. With Iron man gone, Captain America has gone, and Thor likely to be gone after a while, it’s uncertain as to whether the influence of the Asgardians and the weaponry and armor they’ve brought to the MCU will even be an issue any longer. But if the Fear Itself storyline is brought up, perhaps it will be useful in some way. There’s a lot that would have to change in this story, or it would have to take place in a different universe since several of the characters that have something to do with the storyline are either gone from the MCU already or haven’t been introduced yet. 

But as the MCU has already shown, they can work around this in a manner that would be convincing since there are always ways to move forward. Valkyrie might take the part of Odin, Jane Foster’s Thor might stand in for Chris Hemsworth, and as for Tony Stark, maybe Riri Williams or War Machine could be used in some way that might be able to convince the audience. The Fear Itself storyline is one that does manage to include a number of different characters and brings a very serious threat to the Marvel universe, though it would have to be altered in a big way to incorporate as much of the original storyline that could be allowed while taking into account the fact that several characters are no longer there. 

In other words, it might not happen, but if it ever does you can be certain that it won’t be true to the source. Still, it would be kind of nice to see the MCU continue to expand in a direction that would continue to push outward from the earthbound tales while still maintaining the idea that earth is a staging ground for a good number of stories that have yet to be told. The inclusion of Uru armor and weapons would be kind of interesting since it could take the Fear Itself storyline several movies to develop and might even be a fun goal to work toward in order to compile the list of heroes and villains together again in order to create one huge battle that people would be excited to see. There would be several characters that might be key in this type of story, as Ironheart and Doctor Doom come to mind, as do Wolverine and several other heroes that use weapons and armor that could be enhanced in a manner that would allow them to be a part of this storyline in a very meaningful way. It’s a tale that a lot of folks might argue could be told but might not be as enticing as other stories that could be developed in a much easier manner. Of course, the rumor about a World War Hulk movie being developed kind of makes that argument ring a little hollow. 

Out of all the storylines that the MCU could pick from Marvel this is one of the few that might actually never be shown unless there’s an idea that might come forth and make it easier to put this on Disney+ as an animated special, a limited series perhaps that would be able to draw enough attention that would make it worth it. In fact, animated movies and shows would be a wise way to go since they could cover more ground and leave other storylines to live-action given that people are still wanting to see plenty more of what the MCU can do. But given that the What If? series was a hit, it’s fair to think that other animated series and limited series could do just as well since people are definitely on board with the idea given that it could lead to other big live-action movies that would be every bit as impressive. 

It’s a thought anyway, but one that might not make a lot of difference in the long run since the MCU obviously has a lot of plans moving forward and there’s not a lot of chance that everything from the comics is going to be included. But there’s always that outside hope that something that is mentioned might get noticed or picked up and turned into something great. Uru weapons and armor would certainly add another level to the MCU simply because the threat they’re used against and the advantage they give could create another storyline. 

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