Five Possibilities For a New Star Wars Trilogy

Five Possibilities For a New Star Wars Trilogy

Baby Yoda

Unfortunately the excitement of what could come from another Star Wars trilogy, which WON’T be a trilogy if the rumors are true, is kind of dampened when Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb mentions that the movies will take place 400 years before the original trilogy. Any Star Wars fan that’s read the books and studied the timeline, whether it’s the EU or the current one, knows that if they want to be accurate they’d have to go back thousands of years, not just several hundred, to pick up characters such as Darth Bane, Darth Revan, and other such names if they really wanted to use them. Tack on the idea that some of the greatest story tellers aren’t connected thus far to the idea and that Rian Johnson is the only one on board thus far and it’s not looking that great at the moment, especially if Kathleen Kennedy is endorsing it. In other words, it’s not fully necessary to cater to fans, but if Disney wants Star Wars to continue being great it’s far easier to think that traversing millennia instead of centuries would make a lot more sense in terms of the story, even though there are plenty of characters born centuries before the original trilogy that are worth taking note of.

Here are just a few ideas to start with.

5. A Chewbacca story

By the time Chewbacca meets Han Solo he’s already old by human standards and as the years push forward he doesn’t really appear to age much. But while we’ve seen a small bit of Kashyyk in the movies and more on the video games it might be a lot of fun to take a trip around the forest world and find out just what went into making a character like Chewbacca and find out a little more of his back story. Whether they wan to use the EU or not Chewie did have a life back on his home world and he did have those that cared about him, which he chose to give up in order to pledge his life debt to Han for so long.

4. A Yoda story

We’ve seen Yoda as old and crusty and kind of cantankerous now and again, but imagine a Yoda that’s not quite as old and a lot more spry and can move around a bit easier. A more impetuous and adventurous version of this favored character would be interesting to see since it might even give a great deal of back story on the little green guy and help people to understand him just a bit more. There’s still the question of whether or not to show where he comes from and where his race might be located but at the very least it would be interesting to see him come up as a Jedi and eventually start to train others.

3. Jabba the Hutt

Jabba’s life is actually more interesting than a lot of people might think since Hutt’s are notoriously treacherous and don’t even blink when it comes to selling out their own and taking each other one when it comes to business and personal vendetta’s. But Jabba has survived for a long time by being one of the nastiest and most devious grubs around and also by being one of the most powerful since his influence has spread quite a ways along the Outer Rim by the time we’re introduced to him. It would be interesting to see his rise to power and how many people were affected in various ways since even the Jedi might come into play at some point.

2. Maz Kanata

Maz is actually older than Yoda if you can believe that and being the kind of character that she is she’s seen and done quite a bit throughout her long life and experienced many things that those much younger than her might never see. That being the case though she’s a very interesting figure that might have a very detailed and twisting back story that could cover a lot of ground between the original and latest trilogy. If nothing else her personality and her character are intriguing enough to warrant a movie that would and could include a number of characters that would hopefully show up if only for a cameo here and there.

1. Count Dooku

There was so much more to this character than we were shown in the movies that it would be great to see him as a young man and, if it’s possible, see stock footage of the late Christopher Lee near the end since he played the part quite well. Count Dooku has a much greater depth to his character than the movies managed to convey and really it would be great to find out the details of his fall and how long it had been coming.

While the most interesting stories are thousands of years in the past, don’t think for a second that Disney won’t advance the timeline just to keep the money flowing in.

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