How Chronicles Of Riddick And Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black Are Connected

How Chronicles Of Riddick And Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black Are Connected

Alert! Contains spoilers for new viewers of The Riddick movies.

The Riddick franchise currently consists of three live-action movies, Pitch Black (2000), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), and Riddick (2013). In what began as a moderate-budget science fiction space Western movie, the Riddick franchise became one of Vin Diesel’s most successful film franchises. So far, all of the franchise’s movies have centered around the adventures of its anti-hero, Riddick (Vin Diesel).

The first movie, Pitch Black, was written by David Twohy and the Wheat Brothers. With the relative success of Pitch Black, two sequels were developed. However, only Twohy developed, wrote, and directed the two sequels. A fourth film, Riddick 4: Furya, was confirmed to be in the works by both Twohy and Vin Diesel in 2016.

Chronicles Of Riddick Is A Direct Sequel To Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black

Riddick in Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

The storyline developed for The Chronicles of Riddick acts as a direct sequel to Pitch Black. With the Riddick live-action movies now streaming on Netflix, sci-fi audiences can easily catch up with the franchise. However, new franchise audiences can easily get confused about the best order to watch the Riddick movies.

There have been several releases in the Riddick fictional universe. In addition to live-action movies, video games, a short animated film, and comics have been developed to expand the franchise’s universe. While some of these have stayed true to the franchise canon, some are non-canonical. To understand the franchise canon, it’s always advisable to watch the movies chronologically – how the live-action movies were released.

How Chronicles of Riddick Perfectly Expanded On Riddick’s Story

Riddick, sitting on the throne of the Necromongers.

Pitch Black followed Riddick’s escape from his captor, William J. Johns, after their spaceship Hunter-Gratzner, was hit by micrometeoroids and crashed into a planet. The survivors of the crash were faced with a new threat when the planet’s carnivorous creatures hunted and killed them. Looking to Riddick for guidance and protection, they found a dropship to leave the planet. However, only Riddick, Imam, and Jack were the survivors that left the planet.

The Chronicles of Riddick continues with mercenaries and bounty hunters searching for the escaped Riddick. Riddick is reunited with Imam when he arrives at New Mecca on planet Helion Prime. Not much was said about Riddick’s origin in Pitch Black. However, viewers soon know his origin as the last surviving Furyan when Imam questions him about his homeworld.

Riddick is informed of an invading empire, the Necromongers. Although Riddick is not immediately interested in getting involved, the Imam’s death, and his vengeful killing of the Necromonger responsible, put him on the radar of Lord Marshal, leader of the Necromongers. Through Vaako’s wife’s conversation with Aereon, an Air Elemental, viewers learn that Lord Marshal’s fascination with Riddick is because of a prophecy.

The prophecy foretells the death of Lord Marshal in the hands of a Furyan child. To avoid his fate, Lord Marshal led the Necromongers to invade planet Furya and kill everyone. Riddick’s presence threatens Lord Marshal, who sends Commander Vaako to hunt and kill Riddick. Riddick fulfills the prophecy by killing Lord Marshal and becomes the new leader of the Necromongers. With no background information to work with in Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick helps expand Riddick’s origin story.

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