Vin Diesel’s Riddick Movies Coming To Netflix Sets Up The New Sequel

Vin Diesel’s Riddick Movies Coming To Netflix Sets Up The New Sequel

Riddick is now available to stream on Netflix, raising hopes for the long-awaited 4th movie in the ongoing series. Joining the two previous movies in the sci-fi franchise, the third installment is currently in the top 10 for Netflix US. With the Fast & Furious franchise drawing to a close, Vin Diesel’s future could see him reprise his role as a sci-fi rogue in a new Riddick movie.

The Chronicles of Riddick is a space western media franchise of criminals, bounty hunters, and frontier planets, focussing on the titular antihero Riddick. The original movie in the series, Pitch Black, opened to a moderately good reception in 2000. It’s since achieved cult status and is now often considered one of the underrated sci-fi movies of the 2000s. It was followed up by The Chronicles of Riddick, which gave expanded worldbuilding and a more complex storyline. The third installment, Riddick, was released in 2013 and took the series back to basics with a more horror-based storyline much more reminiscent of the first movie. Plans to make a fourth installment were first announced in 2014, and in 2019, Vin Diesel revealed that he’d received the script for Riddick 4: Furya (via Instagram). So far though, few details have been confirmed.

How Riddick 4 Can Continue The Saga

Riddick, sitting patiently on an alien planet.

There are several threads from the Riddick saga which are likely to be picked up in a possible Riddick 4, and the first is obvious from the title. Furya is the name of Riddick’s homeworld. In The Chronicles of Riddick, it’s revealed that Riddick is one of the few survivors of a genocide. The Furyans were mostly wiped out by the Necromongers, a cult-like totalitarian army sweeping across the galaxy. In Riddick, it’s revealed that Riddick doesn’t know where his homeworld is, and is attempting to find it.

The other obvious storyline to followup is that of Vaako. In The Chronicles Of Riddick, Vaako is a ranking member of the Necromongers who aims to take down their leader, Lord Marshall Zhylaw, and claim leadership. He ultimately fails, as Riddick wins a fight against Zhylaw and accidentally becomes the new Lord Marshall himself – the Necromongers follow the belief of “you keep what you kill.” The storyline of Riddick sees Vaako stage a coup and attempt to kill Riddick. Taking advantage of Riddick’s desire to find his homeworld, Vaako fools Riddick into going to a barren planet, abandoning him there. Riddick vows revenge, but the closing scene of the story reveals that Vaako has “transcended” to effectively become a demigod. With the history between them, he’s the perfect arch-nemesis for Riddick to face in a new story.

What Riddick 4: Furya Could Be About

Vaako, in The Chronicles of Riddick, standing among his fellow Necromongers.

Vin Diesel has hinted in interviews that Riddick 4 will give more background about Furya, the warrior people who once lived there, and the backstory of the antihero Riddick himself. Riddick used flashbacks effectively to explain backstory, so it makes sense that Riddick 4 may use similar storytelling tricks. If Riddick finally gets to return to his homeworld of Furya, this could help to show more about what the world was like. This could also give more information on Riddick himself and how the Necromongers may have been involved in his past.

The biggest unresolved question in The Chronicles Of Riddick saga is what will become of the Necromongers. Whether he likes it or not, the events of the last two movies have left Riddick deeply involved with the Necromongers. Vin Diesel’s Riddick still means to kill Vaako for his treachery and is unlikely to let anything stand in his way. Succeeding in this goal would once again put Riddick in command of the most dangerous army in the galaxy. Perhaps by the end of Riddick 4: Furya, the days of the Necromongers may finally be numbered.

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