Jurassic World 3 is Bringing Back The Original Scientists

Jurassic World 3

You’ve got to wonder what it took to get Sam Neill and Laura Dern back on board with Jurassic World III when their roles have been either limited or non-existent since it started. Jeff Goldblum has obviously been around since he was featured for a minute or two in Jurassic World II, but what capacity they’re going to be seen is seems like it will be interesting since Dr. Grant seemed as though he’d had enough after Jurassic Park III, as had Dr. Ellie Sattler, who was married and had children by the third movie. Brian B. of MovieWeb makes a good point that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard won’t be able to take on the problem by themselves this time. Honestly they didn’t do it by themselves the first time, but this time around it seems as though those that were in on the action the first time around might be able to help since at least two of them are professionals when it comes to dinosaurs while all three of them have been there in the thick of it. Another name you might be thinking of if you saw Jurassic Park II would be Julianne Moore since it’s easy to assume that, considering her part in the second movie, she might be able to help out.

To be honest it will be nice to get the original gang back together since Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and Ian Malcolm were a small group that, along with Hammond, were actually pretty entertaining. As Jon Porter of The Verge has mentioned the three of them haven’t been seen together in these movies apart from the first one, so it’ll be great to see them together again. Plus, to see them interact with Pratt and Howard’s characters, if this happens, will be very interesting since it’s not so much a chance for egos to clash since Grant and Malcolm aren’t the alpha males that Owen is, and Sattler is definitely not the control freak that Claire was seen as in the last two movies. Before any misogynist rants get started watch the movies and then honestly state that Claire was anything other than a serious control freak that couldn’t see just how flawed the park was, even when the I.Rex managed to escape. Good sense would have said to frag the creature the moment it escaped containment, not worry about the monetary cost while ignoring the danger that it represented. Despite that however there might be a bit of a clash between the characters, but it seems as though it should probably settle quicker than anything in the face of the threat that’s looming over the world at large, the US being the immediate threat perhaps. Because according to the last movie and how it ended, the dinosaurs are coming.

Well, if we’re going to be honest the manufactured monsters are coming since it was even admitted in the first Jurassic World that nothing in the park is real, or the way it was millions of years before. These are manufactured dinosaurs that have various traits that their forebears did not. The I.Rex is a perfect example of mashing up a great deal of DNA and pouring it out into a form that’s built to simply kill. Even the most docile dinosaurs within the mix are dangerous enough since they’re either humongous, have natural weapons that can do massive damage, or carry disease, poison, or other attributes that are bound to be dangerous to human beings. If anything, the three returning members are bound to offer some experience and knowledge when called upon while Owen and Claire would add to the experience and bring a bit of youthful vigor to the team, if that’s what happens. How great of a team-up would that be? It may or may not happen, there aren’t a whole lot of facts on this matter at the moment, since all we know is who’s coming back, at least a few of them, and that a third movie is happening. Of course we also have a good idea of how hard life is about to get for the people of the US that will now have to share their world with several species that haven’t been seen in millions of years. Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline had a bit more to add on this, but he seems just as excited as anyone to see what will come.

It’ll be interesting to see how the story will be crafted to pull each of these characters from wherever they’ve ended up since Dr. Grant seems happy digging up fossils, while Dr. Sattler is likely living a quiet and satisfying home life. Malcolm is obviously already in the mix since he’s making suggestions on what to do or at least what to expect, and Owen and Claire are no doubt going to be in the thick of it since they have a big stake in the matter. Can you feel the excitement yet, I can.

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