Which Muppet Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Muppet Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Muppet Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you the main event, like Miss Piggy? Or perhaps you’re the responsible type, like Kermit. You might be a little anti-social, like Sam Eagle. No matter your quirks, there’s a Muppet to match your personality! With some characters making their debut in the 50’s on Sesame Street, The Muppets have been making people laugh for over half a century. In their countless iterations, movies, TV shows, and actors, the characters maintain their core qualities that make them so lovable. So who’s your star-crossed puppet person? Let’s find out!

Aries – Gonzo

Aries, Gonzo might seem like an odd choice, but let me explain. Gonzo is spontaneous, passionate, and adventurous; all the things you are. Like you, he can have a tendency to be naive, believing the best in everyone all the time. You’re never afraid to do something first, and you don’t walk away from a good time. You can get into trouble with your impulsiveness, but that’s part of what makes you so endearing. While some might view you as high maintenance, you couldn’t care less; they just wish they could do what you do!

Taurus – Dr. Teeth

You’re cool, Taurus, there’s no way around it. While you might not always be the star of the show, without you things just seem less vibrant and fun. Much like Dr. Teeth, you have a story for nearly every situation, and you’re a naturally caring person. You have a tendency to take people under your wing, and prioritize chosen family. Stay wise, Taurus, and keep giving to the folks who care about you.

Gemini – Statler and Waldorf

This one was obvious, Gemini. Not only do Statler and Waldorf represent the duality you can sometimes face, they have your trademark sarcasm and wit. You’re a recurring character, Gemini, but that doesn’t mean we know what to expect. You’re not afraid to keep it fresh with your image, going through multiple different ‘eras’ of your personality. While constantly changing, trying to find the real you, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Cancer – Fozzie Bear

You’re a people-pleaser, Cancer. Ultimately, you just want everyone to be happy and get along, just like Fozzie. Like him, you’re dedicated to your work, and never give anything short of 100% when people are counting on you. You’re naturally forgiving, Cancer, but be careful who you forgive. Like Fozzie, you can give people the benefit of the doubt, without realizing they might be manipulative. Keep your kindness, Cancer, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Leo – Miss Piggy

Leo, I think you saw this one coming when you clicked on the article. And here’s the deal; Miss Piggy is many things, but a slacker and a snake she is not. You’re ride or die, and you can’t help that the cameras just seem to find you sometimes. You’d risk it all for the people you really love, and aren’t afraid to be a little aggressive. Some might say you’re flippant or neurotic, but keep shining; we all know roaches disappear in the light!

Virgo – Janice

You’re a little mysterious, Virgo. Like Janice, you’re chill, charismatic, and have a tendency to be creative. You don’t like drama, and can very seldom be bothered with other people’s baggage. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, and always manages to keep you out of cahoots with trouble. You’re notorious for working hard and being loyal, but that can be challenged when your own priority is questioned. Keep hustling, Virgo, and don’t let anyone kill your vibe.

Libra – Kermit The Frog

Kermit really is peak Libra behavior. He’s able to balance the unruly temperaments around him, and leads with love. You’re not a fighter, Libra, which can interfere with your ability to be in control. You’re responsible, reliable, and a natural caretaker. Like Kermit, you make the best out of bad situations, and you always seem to have an ace up your sleeve. While anxiety might get the best of you sometimes, take it in stride, we would be lost without you, Libra!

Scorpio – Uncle Deadly

Scorpio, I saw this one from a mile away; it’s why I wanted to write this article, actually. You’re edgy and a little dark, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. You might have a tough exterior, but you’re a water sign, which means you’re highly emotion-led and empathetic. You always seem to be lurking in the background, even when we can’t see you. Much like Uncle Deadly, you tend to have unfinished business, holding a grudge like no other. Don’t be afraid to forgive, Scorpio, your heart is your strength.

Sagittarius – Pepe The King Prawn

You’re fiery, Sag, that’s no surprise. Much like Pepe, you’re a hopeless romantic, and never shy away from a little casual flirting. You’re a good time every time you show up to the party, and can become the pulse of a social circle quickly. Some might say you live too fast, but you always feel like it’s not fast enough. Stay spicy, Sag, and take time to appreciate what you can!

Capricorn – Sam Eagle

You’re all business, Capricorn, and that’s never led you astray. Much like Sam Eagle, you are here for your paper, and don’t really have time to mess with anything else. You can be quite emotional when you allow yourself to be, but that’s not very often. Always remember that you’re surrounded by people who love you, and you can let loose sometimes. Keep chasing that coin, Capricorn, it’s gotten you this far!

Aquarius – Rizzo The Rat

This can’t be a surprise, Aquarius. At any given moment, we’re waiting for the camera to pan to you smoking a cigarette and talking about how cool stuff used to be. You’re notoriously street-smart, creative, and hilarious. You have a tendency to jump on a high horse, believing you might be above others. You’re a rebel by nature, and aren’t afraid to blaze your own trail. Stay fierce, Aquarius, and spread your crackhead energy to all!

Pisces – Scooter

Rounding out this list is Pisces; patient, kind, and wise. You can be taken for granted by those around you, because you dedicate yourself to helping others when you can. You can often be a voice of reason, and although you might not speak the loudest, people often listen to what you have to say. You’re smarter than anyone gives you credit for, and the world wouldn’t turn without your kindness, Pisces.Miss Piggy

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