The Most Impressive Jet Dog Fight Scenes in Movies

The Most Impressive Jet Dog Fight Scenes in Movies

A dogfight is essentially a scrap or a fierce melee between opponents that tends to result in the severe wounding if not outright death of one or both of them. It’s been used for decades to describe aerial combat in which two or more jet fighters start to strafe one another with gunfire and missile attacks while attempting to dodge aside from any retaliation that might be forthcoming. In the movies the dogfights are almost always fatal near the end for one side or the other but are amazing to watch. You don’t know the kind of pressure that these pilots are under on a regular basis and what kind of g-forces they’re pulling at times to stay away from the enemy and maneuver into position. IT’s enough to know that it’s tense and very demanding though.

Here are a few movies that show just how impressive a dogfight can be.

5. Stealth

If you thought going up against a skilled pilot was hard that’s nothing in comparison to going up against a machine that can think for itself. The UCAV is a tool invented to make aerial combat something wholly different as the central “brain” of the jet is supposed to be much more efficient and far less prone to blackouts and another issues that living, breathing pilots have to deal with. But that doesn’t mean it’s safer.

4. Oblivion

It’s a different kind of jet and the dogfight is with drones, but the situation is still just as dangerous and as impressive. For one, Tom Cruise’s character knows the weak spots on the drones since he works on them so often. The only problem is that he knows their capabilities as well and this makes taking them down that much more difficult.

3. Red Tails

Despite the fact that the Tuskegee Airmen were very real this story kind of takes liberties with history, and especially with the capabilities of these jets. For instance, one of them decides to flip up and over while strafing the German jet passing below it with a hail of gunfire before dropping and attempting to start the engine again. The laws of physics and engineering probably wouldn’t have allowed this back then. But I could be wrong.

2. Iron Eagle

A young man going to save his father isn’t easy to stop, as most family members that are motivated to help each other out of a bind are often focused in so well that they could take down an entire squad before or while being shot to pieces. That’s the strength of family, it makes you feel invincible even if you know you’re not going into the battle.

1. Top Gun

So not everyone likes each other on the team, that’s okay. When the chips are down and they need each other they’re going to be there because that’s what people that share this type of bond do. You don’t have to like each other, but having each other’s back in a situation like this is crucial as it means the difference between life and death.

Most dogfights in movies are simply awesome, but some are about as good as it gets.


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