The Best Uses of Madonna Music in Movies

The Best Uses of Madonna Music in Movies

The Material Girl has been rocking the music and movie scene for quite some time. Her voice and her talents have brought a tremendous rise to many films throughout her career and she hasn’t expressed a whole lot of interest in retiring any time soon. The number of films she’s been seen versus the number her songs have made an appearance in is the difference between night and day, but no matter if its just her voice or her acting talents she makes almost any film just that much better.

5. Who’s That Girl?-Who’s That Girl

This is one of her earlier roles in film and to be quite honest it’s almost hard to equate the Madonna of now with the young woman she was back then. Of course let’s face it a lot of us are quite a bit different than the persona’s we picked up in the 80’s, right?  Anyway, playing the part of an ex-con sent to prison after being framed, Madonna gets out and desperately seeks for a way to get her name cleared while having a bit of fun at her driver’s expense. Sounds like Madonna, right?

4. Lucky Star-Snatch

You’ve got to love Bullet Tooth Tony. He knows how to get information out of a guy and he knows good music when he hears it, sometimes all at the same time. Plus, there’s something appealing about a guy with good taste in music if he can also slam another guy’s head into car door and then have the good grace to answer his car phone with a pleasant greeting. Hats off to you my good son.

3. Beautiful Stranger-Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

If there’s ever an appropriate time to play the role of the sex kitten this is it. Where better than to wear a form-hugging outfit while you gyrate suggestively on a stage in front of a bunch of party-loving ravers? Oh yeah, in an Austin Powers movie. Madonna dials up the sexy to about an 11 in this video made specifically for Mike Meyers’ stand out hit, working every ounce of feminine charm and guile she has to make certain that she’s the star of the video and the main focus. Oh behave baby, but not too much.

2. This Used To Be My Playground-A League of Their Own

If you don’t feel even a bit nostalgic when you watch this film, or the video, then it’s likely you aren’t much of a baseball, or a Madonna fan. The manner in which she belts out each chord of this song brings to mind the carefree days of youth and how they’re possibly gone for good, left only to memory as even that fades into the distance. If it doesn’t touch you in some way then pull a nose hair and at least pretend to feel something.

1. I’ll Remember-With Honors

Sometimes the best thing you can do for anyone is to simply remember them, and the impact they’ve brought to your life. It’s too easy to get bogged down by everything else that life has to throw at you, which is why it is so much more important to remember what’s really important is that it’s not how much you can do in life, it’s what you do that makes a difference in the life of another.

There are a lot of great artists that contribute a great deal to the film industry. Madonna is one however that brings genuine feeling and absolute emotion to the mix. Go on and grab that tissue now, it’s okay.



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