The Intense Pitch it Took To Get Alita: Battle Angel Made

Alita: Battle Angel

There’s a reason that people are stating that they want Alita: Battle Angel part 2 to come out, and it’s not just because the first movie ended with her pointing to Zalem in a meaningful manner with her blazing sword, but because the initial pitch that went into this was great enough that the studio gave it the green light to go ahead. It does sound as though Robert Rodriguez was sweating bullets when it came time to make the pitch though, as everything had to go right for the okay to be given so that Alita, which had already been sitting around for a bit, could be given the go-ahead. Thankfully this is what happened and hew as able to bring this vision to life in a big way that didn’t really light up the box office but has developed something even better, a cult following that often tends to keep movies alive even if it doesn’t move them forward that quickly. Had the first movie been a huge box office hit it’s hard to say whether or not it would be considered a fan favorite to this day, but strange things happen when some movies don’t bring in a huge chunk of money but are still enjoyed by the fans. A cult following is actually better in some ways since it means the movie has a lot of staying power with a large number of people and as a result, those fans might turn other people on to the idea and possibly get the idea rolling so as to make another movie. That’s the hope anyway, but the reality is that nothing has happened yet and people are still petitioning to get the second movie made.

The first movie did leave a lot of people feeling that not enough was explained about Alita’s past and that there was a bit too much invested in the love story between Alita and Hugo, but at the same time, there’s plenty of room to open up those questions again and explore them in detail in another movie, especially if it becomes a trilogy or more. The obvious goal of the first movie is to set the groundwork and make it plain just what Alita is up to and where she’s at for the moment. But when it comes to moving ahead, the details that she continues to remember will need to be even more detailed and give the fans, even more, to go on since it’s easy to guess that Vector doesn’t control her, at least not that we know of, and realizes this. The only problem is that Vector likely controls everyone else in the city to some degree, and it’s very possible that he would use this against Alita in a very devious plot to keep her under control or to destroy her completely since this was her goal when the fight to take Zalem ended in her downfall and the apparent loss of her entire unit.

When this sequel might come is anyone’s guess since it’s going to be another big undertaking that Rodriguez will probably have to come up with another pitch for in order to make it work. But there are a few absolutes that really need to be covered in order to make anything move forward, and one of them is that Alita is bound and determined to reach Zalem, and that might mean at any cost. The movie has moved far beyond the source material, that much is obvious, but it’s done so in a way that a lot of people have found endearing since as a character Alita is someone that people want to look up to and revere in their own way since she represents those that are uncertain and unsure of their place in life and will gladly fight to find out just where she belongs. The many characters that make up the background of this story are fairly diverse and offer up a good backdrop for Alita as she continues to grow and evolve as an individual and starts to realize just who she is and what she can do. What might come in the sequel is easy to guess in some ways, but her grief over Hugo, her continued alliance with Dr. Ido, and her continued animosity towards Nova would be definite musts since the show has to go on.

Then there’s the matter of her status as a bounty hunter since she pretty much destroyed the location where such individuals went to collect their bounties and took out more than one bounty hunter at some point in the movie. In fact, the sequel might call for an all-out war on Zalem at some point if only because there’s not a lot left unless we’re going to get more of her back story and something else moving forward.

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