How The Spider-Man 3 Team Films Around COVID

Spider-Man Far from Home

The obvious statement that COVID has disrupted filming over the past year is one that people don’t need to be reminded of, but there have been plenty of productions that have been able to keep going somehow as the movies and shows that people have wanted to see and have been talking about are still on track, as much as possible. The third Spider-Man movie, titled No Way Home, has had to adjust as much as anyone else and in doing so the cast has had to adjust to the idea of learning when they can take their masks off and when they have to keep them on. According to Tom Holland, there is a system in place that allows them to know when it’s okay to leave the mask off and when they need to have them on. When the camera is rolling their masks stay off, but when the cameras aren’t rolling the masks have to stay on. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? In the grand scheme of things, it’s not such a huge disruption really, or at least it doesn’t sound that way. The practice of social distancing on a movie set is kind of rough since people need to be close to each other for various scenes, which means constant COVID testing has to be happening and the washing of hands has to be applied, and safety measures of all types are going to be needed. It’s the world we live in at the moment and it’s not something we get to get away from just yet.

As far as COVID measures it does sound as though the cast and crew are being as safe as they can be, but one thing that they’re trying to prevent are any leaks about the overall story, which has, at this point, been going well so far. The leaks that have come from one MCU movie after another have been courtesy of a wide number of people and have even been discovered by fans, so trying to keep things bottled up as much as possible has been a bit of an issue over the years. Tom Holland has even been accused of spilling the beans at least once or twice, but he’s not the only one since Mark Ruffalo has also been one of those that has let something slip about a movie that was coming out. Trying to keep secrets isn’t all that easy really, especially when fans are clamoring for more and more content so that they can figure out what the movie is all about before they can see it. Of course, the problem with giving out too much is that the fans will complain that everything was laid out for them and nothing was left to the imagination. Yes, it’s a vicious cycle that the fans kind of bring on themselves sometimes. But this time around it does sound as though the Spider-Man movie details are being kept under wraps in a much more reliable fashion, though there are already ideas that have sprung to life thanks to fan theories and what few facts have been released concerning the movie.

Does anyone remember the days when going to the movies was actually bound to offer up a bit of shock and awe because we didn’t really know what was coming? Those days have been long gone for a while it feels simply because between the technology that has given rise to social media and various other ways to divine just what the movies are going to show us, there’s little room for surprise any longer. Of course, after 2020 people are probably less receptive to ‘surprises’ thanks to the delivery of far too many unwanted surprises that came along. But in terms of the movies and the lasting aftermath of the pandemic that kicked off in 2020, things are starting to lean in a slightly more hopeful direction since it does feel as though life is starting to improve just a little. When it comes to the movies there are already theaters that are hoping to open eventually, and there are rumors that ideas that were thought to be dead are coming back, so we’ll have to wait and see just what happens, but it does feel as though there might be some hope. Right now the legacy of the pandemic is still in full swing since movie sets are having to continually keep up the COVID safety measures when it comes to social distancing, masks, and other methods that are being taken to keep people safe, but things are moving forward all the same.

Spider-Man 3 is set to come out in December of this year, so that should tell people that the plan is moving forward and that things are in motion. Apart from that, all one can do is keep hoping for the best as we continue to push onward.

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