Anthony Mackie Officially Signed On For Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie Officially Signed On For Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie Officially Signed On For Captain America 4

If you wanted to see more of Anthony Mackie being Captain America (or Captain Falcon) after Falcon and The Winter Soldier, you’ll get your wish. Deadline has just reported that the star has now officially signed on for the upcoming Captain America 4. We’ve heard rumors about this news several months ago, but it was unclear if Chris Evans was actually returning to reprise the role of Steve Rogers. I mean, let’s face it, Chris Evans IS Captain America. He’s one of those actors who truly owns his comic book movie role. If you remember hearing the rumors that he is coming back, don’t worry, because that can still happen. I honestly think it will happen and it should. And yes, I feel the same way about Robert Downey Jr. returning as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow? Okay, that’s a real coin toss as of now.

For now, I think we should appreciate Anthony Mackie starring in the next Captain America movie. Now was this move entirely unexpected? Again, we would like to see Chris Evans come back. However, given his current status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’d say he’s good where he is. I think he should enjoy his retirement for a while longer before he picks up the shield again. I still think he’ll return one day, but now is a good time to let another wear the mantle. Who better to carry that burden than the man who Steve Rogers personally chose to wear the shield? Bucky, anyone? Maybe not, but more on him later.

Why is it so good that Anthony Mackie is taking over as the current Captain America? Well, having an African American man become a heroic symbol of the American people is a serious step-up in a cultural sense. Anthony Mackie’s character, Sam Wilson, or the former Falcon, made a real statement in the season finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The whole world saw an African American soldier and the average guy call out political corruption and the negative affects it has on all American citizens. But what really stands out for Sam being the new Captain America is the fact that he’s carrying on the legacy of another super soldier who was far less popular.

This is the kind of thing Anthony Mackie can bring to the table as the new Captain America. Not only is Sam Wilson honoring the legacy of Steve Rogers, but Isaiah Bradley as well. This was a a very intriguing revelation in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, because it sets a whole new stage for the MCU. Can you believe that there was another Captain America other than the famous Steve Rogers? That became a crucial center of the show’s story and it really changed everyone’s perspective. Captain America was originally a role suited for a time where diversity was at its lowest. Even when Isaiah Bradley took up the mantle, it was meant to be kept under the radar. This was due to the Super Soldier program being conducted through illegal means with less-willing test subjects.

For the case of Isaiah Bradley, he wasn’t entirely content with being an illegal experiment, but some good came out of it. For one, he became a secret hero for the African American community. I mean, in the comics, he was even visited by the likes of Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, and Glenn Powell. Outside of the African American community, however, he is an unknown name. This is similar to how he is portrayed by Carl Lumbly in the show, but this version lives in shame and isolation. The only person who he really has in his life that has stuck by him is his grandson, Elijah Bradley.

Now this is where Anthony Mackie can really shine in Captain America 4. Before I go further, I’m asking myself if the sequel intends to have him fight with Bucky again. I know all the fans feel the same, since they’ve finally formed some kind of friendship. Is Bucky’s presence really necessary in Captain America 4? Honestly, not really. I believe that Anthony Mackie is strong enough to carry this film on his own. For one, he’s the star and he’s the new Captain America.

I still believe that Bucky will continue to put his past behind him and work to becoming a better man. He’s already halfway there, but he can become another version of Captain America. For now, however, I believe Sam Wilson should have his chance to be Captain America in his own movie. Oh, and Bucky doesn’t have to keep being the sidekick. He can be so much more.

Anthony Mackie is capable of carrying Captain America 4, but he can have supporters. With the original Avengers disbanded and his mentor retired, who can help him on his mission? Let’s go back to the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, Elijah. If you’re a comic fan, you know where this character goes. He becomes basically the Robin to Captain America. Elijah Bradley becomes the Patriot, the eventual leader of the Young Avengers. And speaking of the Young Avengers, it looks like the latest phase of Marvel is working towards forming this team of young heroes. It makes sense, since were in need for another Avengers team.

I have a feeling Anthony Mackie will take on the role of a strong mentor who will take the young Elijah under his wing. Yeah, that wasn’t a pun, by the way, just coincidence. I believe this will be Anthony Mackie’s best path to taking Sam’s journey to full circle. He began as the typical soldier who was Cap’s sidekick, then an actual superhero in the MCU, and now he’s arguably the biggest hero in the MCU. He already dipped his toes in the water by officially taking up the mantle and now, he has to live up to the name. A good way for him to do that is by becoming a mentor to a younger generation of heroes. Elijah Bradley’s future as Patriot is inevitable and Sam Wilson is the guy to help him get there.

So what are your thoughts, Marvel fans? Will Anthony Mackie do a better job at playing Captain America than Chris Evans? Okay, maybe not, but he’s bringing something totally different to the table. Anyone wondering which Marvel villain he’ll be fighting? Zemo can return or even the Red Skull, which will give Sam a serious challenge. That’s a fight I’m looking forward to see.

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