Our Five Favorite Bakery Scenes in Movies

Our Five Favorite Bakery Scenes in Movies

How many people still go to the bakery? With the proliferation of DIY projects at home and the amount of items available at the local supermarket it’s kind of hard to believe that people actually take the time to visit the local bakery all that often anymore. But if you want your baked goods from an actual down home store that specializes in the good stuff and takes the time to really prepare their goods then you want an honest to goodness mom and pop bakery that’s been handed down throughout generations. That’s what I think of when I think of a bakery, and a good number of people might say the same. It’s the kind of place you remember from your childhood and would gladly go back to on a regular basis if it was allowable.

Here are a few movies that show what the bakery experience is about.

5. The Wedding Singer

While the music isn’t the original the scene is. The Wedding Singer is all about a man that was jilted at the altar by his fiance and eventually starts to help a new friend with her wedding. The only drawback is that eventually the two of them start to fall in love without even realizing it. That’s the kind of rebound a lot of people try to stay away from unless it’s something real.

4. Bridesmaids

Weddings and bakeries just go together for obvious reasons. Someone’s got to make that cake and it’s got to be just right for the bride. Plus, sometimes bakeries are just fun places to hang out and spend some quality time with a friend. While this clip might not technically be classified as a bakery clip it is in fact at least part bakery part delicatessen.

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Kowalski was dreaming of opening his own bakery right? Well thanks to a harrowing adventure and a grateful wizard he was finally able to achieve his dream and open up shop right where he wanted to. The designs for some of his baked goods are just plain funny, but it becomes even more so when the love of his life, whom he no longer remembers, comes walking into his shop. Imagine that kind of luck.

2. It’s Complicated

When you own the bakery it’s easy to just come on in and start showing off your skills. I’m not much of a Meryl Streep fan but the woman can act and she can put in a solid performance. Along with Steve Martin she’s actually enjoyable in this fun and quirky flick.

1. Moonstruck

It seems that no matter what role he’s in Nicolas Cage is eventually going to flip out. It doesn’t matter who it’s on, what the freak out is about, or who he hurts in the process, it will happen and there’s not much you can do except weather the storm or just walk away. In this case he gets truly animated, maybe because he’s younger and has more energy, but for her own part Cher just stands there watching.

Bakeries are a good part of life that a lot of people tend to remember fondly.


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