The Five Worst Wesley Snipes Movie Roles of His Career

Wesley Snipes is a guy that was on top at one point before he just kind of fell off the map. It started with one bad film and then it just kept going and going. He seemed to get into a better role and then he would take another one that would just cause his reputation to plummet once again. This became severely irritating to a lot of his fans and his popularity suffered for it. At one point he was one of the biggest action stars around, and he was a pretty good actor too. It almost seems like he started believing his own hype just a little too much and let it go to his head. It’s a shame too because at one time he was one of the best action stars around.

Here are just a few of the truly terrible movies he opted to be in.

5. Gallowwalkers-Aman

As bounce-back movies go this one wasn’t the worst but it was far from being the best. Wesley Snipes has done the supernatural thing before but this is a world away from Blade and more to the point it’s not really his scene. He’s always been the silent, tough as nails type but the melancholy that seems to hang around this character like a cloud is just kind of depressing.

4. To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar-Noxeema Jackson

Say, we’re running out of ideas for these well-established action stars, what should we do? Oh I know! Let’s dress them in drag and have them make a movie about absolutely nothing! That’s pretty much what the film looked like the whole way through, a badly written comedy with a few punchlines and some funny scenes thrown in for the heck of it.

3. The Fan-Bobby Rayburn

He had a lot of chances to get going in this film and really make himself out to be a character with some depth and a definite arc that could be worked upon. But sadly DeNiro was the only character that really got any sense of development, and it was in such a lateral motion that it was hard to really notice at first. Between the two of them Deniro kind of stole the thunder of this movie.

2. Undisputed-Monroe Hutchen

Do you get the idea that Snipes likes the roles that allow him to be strong, silent, but inherently violent type? As Monroe Hutchen he’s not an overly violent man despite the fact that he’s doing life for murder. He fights when he has to and that’s about it. But when he gets pushed then he’s going to bring everything he has against the person doing the pushing, and that’s a rather considerable amount.

1. Blade II-Blade

It’s almost as if the producers saw Blade and then just went ahead and had the writers give him an attitude that he wasn’t ready to display just yet. This new, almost overly-animated style just didn’t fit the character from the original movie and kind of turned a lot of people off. Plus, the inclusion of so many new characters at what seemed like short notice was another downer.

Snipes is a decent actor, but he really needs to pick some better parts. His role in the Expendables 3 was enjoyable.

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