I Can’t Possibly See a Live-Action Contra Working but I’m Totally Down to Watch It

I Can’t Possibly See a Live-Action Contra Working but I’m Totally Down to Watch It

Here’s a little secret for every single movie producer out there trying to make a video game into a successful movie.   Just don’t do it.  And I don’t mean don’t try.  I mean don’t ever stick to any kind of plot or video game tribute.  What you need to do is just create a brilliant movie, use the names of the characters, and that’s it!  Seriously, that’s it.    Given the news I read today about a live-action Contra game, I’ll explain myself more.

A live-action Chinese film adaptation of Konami’s 1987 arcade hit, Contra (aka Kontora or Gryzor), is in the works. According to AFS, the film will be backed by Wei Nan, who produced the 2012 sci-fi production, Soul Transfer Station.

The highly popular video game involved two Rambo-like characters who take on an alien army. The character design of the aliens were highly influenced by H.R. Giger’s Necronom IV, which is also the basis for the Xenomorphs in the Alien film franchise. The original game spawned several versions and sequels, branching out on various home computers and game consoles.

OK so let’s stop right there.    Take two soldiers and have them fight aliens. But that’s it.  Make it an amazing movie and just call it Contra.   I personally think war movies have the best shot with video games.   Call of Duty could easily be made into a solid film.  Just call the movie “Call of Duty” but that’s it.   Nothing else.

Maybe someday we can make a movie some kind of immersive experience that connects it to the video game but until then I think people are going to be way too cynical of video game movies.

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