The Top Five Anthony Mackie Movie Roles of His Career

Anthony Mackie is kind of a surprise as a supporting actor but a pleasant one since in movies he can be either the worst person around or one of the best buddies you could ever have. His roles tend to be a bit overplayed at times though, almost like he’s trying to hard. I really think that’s just his big personality trying to come through since it’s there so often and tends to make his roles a little too over-zealous. He does a great job it’s just that he’s too…there, if you catch my drift.

He’s a welcome addition to any movie though.

5. 8 Mile

Papa Doc is a world class jerk and worse than that, he’s a poser. A lot of guys going into the rap battles have come from hard lives and are struggling just to make ends meet on their own. Papa Doc however comes from a well to do family that’s both loving and caring so all of his pent up aggression is really just the act of poser trying to prove to the others around him that he’s hard because he’s either bored or feels inadequate somehow.

4. Pain and Gain

Loosely based, VERY loosely based on a short story this movie features a trio of would be criminals that somehow strike it big before the law comes cracking down on them hard. The three men tend to bungle everything so badly that by the time the cops finally catch up to them their lives are close to falling apart as it is. Adrian is perhaps the most pathetic of them because he’s trying so hard to compensate for something that he’s ashamed to talk about.

3. The Hurt Locker

Sanborn has a hard enough job being in the EOD, Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit, but when he has to work with a new sergeant that acts more like a maverick than a guy that knows how to do his job he starts feeling the pressure even more. By the end of the movie he’s had enough and is ready to go home. This seems like the kind of job that would wear a person out very quickly.

2. Crossover

When you’ve got the talent to do something great it’s a choice of whether you’re willing to risk it all and become someone that people will remember or let it pass you by and let history treat you as it will. Tech doesn’t want to just let history pass him by, he wants to use the gift he has in order to make something of himself and become what he’s never been, a success.

1. Captain America: Civil War

Falcon is not the toughest Avenger, he never has been and likely never will be, but he’s far more tactical than some of them and that tends to make up for it. Spider-Man can beat up on him pretty easily, but what Falcon lacks in strength and agility he makes up for with sound battle tactics and experience.

Anthony Mackie is great at playing various characters but that confident attitude never really leaves him no matter what role he’s playing.

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